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Last Updated On: December 27, 2017

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Business Name: CotterWeb Enterprises Inc
Corporate Address:
1295 Northland Dr #300
Mendota Heights, Minnesota 55120 USA

Customer Service

Phone Number: 651-289-0720
Company Contact: Daren Cotter - CEO
Corp Website:


Average Rating: 1.50 out of 5
Based On: 18 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 52

Damage Reports

Reported Losses: $1,197.02
Average Reported Losses: $66.50

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Scam! Better place to earn $

I was with them for 2-3 years, earned $200, cashed out and they terminated my account for hiding my IP address. SERIOUSLY! I wouldn’t know how to do that.

It took over 2 years to earn $200, so it isn’t like I was cheating any systems! I cashed it out for a specific purpose and I’m furious that these people got the best of me.

According to their social media site there are a lot of people getting checks for $30, $40, $50. not sure I believe it. and/or it’s only a matter of time before they come here crying in their milk too.

Thankfully this money won’t break me like it does for a lot of other people, but it still hurts. I earned it and certainly had plans for it. Posting this review and filed a complaint with the BBB in hopes that they don’t screw over some innocent hard working person that doesn’t deserve this treatment.

I earned $200 in 2 months on another site, so Bye Felicia!

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They downgraded my account without notice, limiting the activities I could do. Mostly that it was no longer Inbox dollars. There is no way to earn full account status back, but had I been completely inactive for 6 months then I could reactivate to full status with a bonus. Contacted supported several times over 3 months to try and allow them to see the error of this practice, but I keep getting copy and paste of the policy.

I made 654.00 in 2017; however I spent way to much time to make that much, it’s a rip off. I decided to cancel my membership in January 2018. My decision came after chatting with Inboxdollars representative (Austin) January 19, 2018. I messaged them wanting to know when I would be receiving my 1099-misc form for completing my taxes. He didn’t know what the form even was; it was like talking to a complete box of rocks. I decided I needed to talk to another representative; however, I got him again. He kept giving me the wrong answer saying over… Read more »
What a joke this company is. Since I only use the tv part. They have taken it away from me. And it was the only thing on the site that u can make any money with. The surveys are a joke. It start filling them out and 10 minutes in u find out you don’t qualify so that is just a waste of time. So I asked for the money they owe me $21.00. Nope can’t pay u till u reach $30.00. Well u have taken my ability to earn the rest away from me. I know how the site… Read more »

I didn’t several servuys and offers and no payment yet so what’s going on

The last time I signed into my account I had over 80 bucks, and when I just signed in it said I only had 5 bucks I’m wondering where my inbox dollars went. It took me a while to get that.

They wont pay me the money they owe me $30 because they said I have more than one person working on my account from the same location. I know i am the only one using my phone and my email to read my paid emails and complete offers from inbox. They gave me another email that i never even heard of. I told them this and said i wanted proof and if they allowed someone else to use my account than it was their fault but they terminated my account anyways without paying me my money. I had dealt with… Read more »

Remove me from iin box dollars

I had inboxdollar for some time now and I got up to 34.00 I got a message from them telling me at first that I have a adblock on, then they suspended my account because they said they found more than one person in my household on inbox, which is a lie, I did change cable companies from verizon to time warner and I did tell them that but they refused to listen

I had been a member of InboxDollars for over 6 years and never had a problem cashing out when my account reached $30 or more until last week when I went to cash out at $40. Suddenly I received a message that I my account had fraudulent activities going on. I contacted customer service and they said I needed to check for vpn, proxy or blocked IP. I don’t have anything like that going on with my iPhone but today the account was terminated and the $40 I was waiting to receive a check on was also terminated. Screw these… Read more »

I had same thing

They reactivated my account just after I made this complaint and I had to resubmit my payment request for my $37. It was to be processed on June 14th. I haven’t done any surveys since I was last deactivated. I have logged in daily to see that my account was still active. Today I logged in and my account was deactivated yet again. This is total bullshit!!! Their initial response was that I was using an international server proxy/vpn from Denmark. I always do these surveys from my couch here in Washington.

Same thing with me. I have documented every ad/video I watched, they don’t care. I got the same vpn, proxy, Ip message. I even contacted Mircosoft to see if they had done some update that was interfering. I was about a week ago. Nice to know it is them, not me.

I have the same issue I have been blocked from the TV Videos. They said I have an adblocker. I do not. I have three laptops and was blocked on each one. I do not have a VPn or proxy I do have a digital reflection meter that I suspect may be the problem. I have been a member many years and am very upset about not being able to watch their TV Videos. I believe I am being blocked unjustly and they need to tell me exactly why I am being blocked , customer service can not tell me… Read more »

I’ve never had an issue. I’ve cashed out for $30-50 a couple/few times now. It’s definitely not a scam or I would not have continued on for the few years I have. I’m not implying that people have not had issues, just stating that I have not.

Been a member for 2 years and cashed out $27-$45 several times. Had my nephew and sister in law sign up recently and my nephew had his account terminated when he was almost ready to cash out his first $40 check because they said he violated policies, then today I logged in to my account to find it has been terminated for violations as well. The only thing I can think of is that my nephew and I have the same name so they assumed we were the same person. After all the time I put in and pushed for… Read more »

You spend so much time doing surveys. Then when you are more than half way done it pops up that you are not qualified for this survey! I spent more time trying to find survey that I was able to do. More than doing surveys! WASTE OF TIME!! THIS PLACE WILL RIP YOU PULLING THERE CRAP!! I have been doing inbox for more than a few years now. I have been getting ripped off and so will you!

After a relationship of almost 4 years and thousands of completed surveys, I had accumulated $4799.39 in earnings but strangely Inbox Dollars suddenly terminated my account. The company provided no explanation for the move whatsoever. I am BEYOND angry about the entire development. AVOID COTTERWEB, INBOX DOLLARS, SEND EARNINGS AND ALL OTHER ASSOCIATED BRANDS.

deborah myers dukeshire

got up 30 dollars now the surveys are not crediting me

Ever since I posted complaints about Inboxdollars and told you to go to the Facebook page and pay attention, Inboxdollars has been DELETING the complaints! There use to be at least 10 or more a day and since my first post, they have stopped. Also inbox has not been posting replys as well! They still have a few they kept which are under comments on a meme for surveys a couple days ago! Also there is a woman who BRAGS about the site, she has done so for a long time. She proves my point on how they PAY ppl… Read more »
I have been a member for a couple years now. It is getting harder n harder to earn. Pay attention!! I was making 2-3 dollars a day the past two weeks, then the site went down. They claimed for maintenance. Well when it came back up, they took away my earning abilities!!!!! Now I am lucky if I earn 60/70 cents! If you go to their Facebook site, you will see all the complaints about them and the TV earnings, videos and other chances to earn. The TV app has NEVER WORKED properly! When Inbox is questioned about this they… Read more »
Of course Inboxdollars is now a big scam not legitimate reward site. Inboxdollars not just that, it is one of most complaint reward sites online with a very bad reputation.They have a very tricky way of scamming people of their earnings. They will only pay you when you earn little, as soon as you start getting a lot of referrals and earning big, they will terminate your account. We tried their website and get paid in two occasions but when we started earning big with referrals they suddenly terminate our account with about 3k referrals. We contacted them but they… Read more »
I have been with Inbox for a few yrs now…they are getting more greedy as you go. If they give you one thing they take away from another! They put in a scratch off and NOT EVERYONE has it so they dropped the payout on the TV(which doesn’t work) and prohibits ppl who do not have the scratch off to earn anything. They lie about who’s winning the contest and they have employees on their facebook site pretending to be inbox members and making it seem like its the BEST THING ON EARTH.. seriously how can anyone be THAT happy… Read more »

Inbox is a waste of your time. For some reason they never let you obtain enough funds to cash in. They send numerous surveys to which after a lot of work they tell you that you aren’t qualified.

I had been doing inbox dollars for a year.i joined their other site send earnings as soon as I requested payment from send earningstheir sister site my account was terminated I had reached 33 dollars and was to receive a 30 dollar payment. I was at 22.97 dollars at inbox dollars and they terminated my account as well and I will not receive payment from either.first they said I was outside the united States which is not true.then they said I used multiple Ip addresses which is not true then they said I used a proxy which is not true… Read more »

Same thing just happened to me…am waiting for them to ‘get back to me in regards to this matter’ as Live Chat was not able to help. If this is not resolved, I am heading over to the FBI scammers website to report this company since part of the scam relates to money – and this would make the scam federally illegal.

They can have fun fighting an FBI investigation.

yeah, they just did that to my account and I am so upset by this, I wish Inboxdollars go to hell, never do business with them agains

Good idea I am going to do the same thing

Meschella Brown i suggest you try out Clixsense
they have the same surveys that inbox dollars have plus a lot more ways to earn money and you can cash out at min. $8.00 every Monday and Friday via paypal instead of the $30.00 and check method. Yeah that’s right get paid twice a week.

its free to join sign up using the below link trust me i a have used inbox dollars and only cashed out once but i have made over $80.00 if you have any doubts please check out the forms and you will how awesome clixsense really is.

Meschella Brown i suggest you try out Clixsense they have the same surveys that inbox dollars have plus a lot more ways to earn money and you can cash out at min. $8.00 every Monday and Friday via paypal instead of the $30.00 and check method. Yeah that’s right get paid twice a week. its free to join sign up using the below link trust me i a have used inbox dollars and only cashed out once but i have made over $80.00 if you have any doubts please check out the forms and you will how awesome clixsense really… Read more »

Let’s not forget the countless amount of surveys you get 3/4 through and then your told you do not qualify. It happens a Buuuuunch!!!! Do you get paid? Hell no! You can spend 2 hours answering question and not make a penny because you do not qualiy.

Peter, This was one of my complaints! I spent so much time trying to qualify and then did VERY,VERY few surveys, Inbox dollars is really a cheat. REALLY, REALLY STINK!!!

If you don’t mind making $1 and hour or less, go for it.

Or nothing


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