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Last Updated On: May 11, 2017

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Reported Losses: $1,207.00
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What a scam

This was a complete waste of time! I am a single mother of two trying to find additional income. I did everything that was asked. I hounded people to visit the site.

I complete ALL the surveys thinking that would somehow help. Not a single dime, it says my surveys are not complete and now my account is supposedly suspended. What a crock of sh!t this is!!

Do not waste your time!! The money would really help a lot of single mothers out, but it only helps if not wasting our dang time!

Oh and there is no way to contact anybody so they don’t even care that it’s a waste!!


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I have never been this angry it’s keeps directing you to different pages for chances to win what a waste

I am Brijesh from india and who to withdraw my money

I tried to request the payout form but it krpt on saying no offers for your region i think its a scam

It’s not fair dollarcell wasting my time hoping to earn money for my tuition and yet it’s wastage of my time
May God forgive you who did this

Michael N Bethany Nabors

This is the biggest lie and bs scam I’ve ever seen, I got my hopes up for Christmas money for and it’s all a lie these ppl who do this will be taken care of by GOD

Mudassir Hussain Anjum

My Earn Dollarcell 2420$ First Week Open Survey But Not Complete,Site Show No More Survey Sorry,Any Problem Tell Me

and i supposedly made 400

Its a scam it is my opinion that they are just trying to build a mailing list for themselves and have others do free advertising as well its bullshit and i wish i could get my hands around the stupid idiot whos doing that. A*s$i%pe

Got all my earns and can’t cash out

I m Bangladeshi.. I can’t withdraw.. Why

It’s not real but a complete waste of time n effort…bad forum liers nd very useless pple

This is complete waste of time and it’s not real cos yu can’t withdraw d monie…the jess lying nd wasting pple’s time

Dollar cell is fake don’t waste time

i have reached your target ,and still i see thing that am not surposed to see ,there is no offer in your legion at this time .i have 310

U all like easy fast money, this s**t is what y’all deserve

So u guys tink its days easy to make money AIT? From dey gonna get the money to pay,from hell? Go get some doing and stop looking for fast easy cash

i have already made plans with this money but nothing to show for now and i feel very bad

I reach 455 but what I hear is Sorry, there are no offers in your region at this time.

i reached 465 and they told me the same thing

i joined this site to test if it is a scam or legit.i show some visits but the money still shows to be the original $25.
how do we contact the owners of this site?
i want to threaten to sue them & get them locked up for fraud,cybercrimes,etc if they are a scam

u snd me my money

Total Referrals Visits: 1433 Total Earnings US $7165

never actual happen and i got the email to contact them and no reply

Name: ____________
Adress: ________________________
Country: ____________
sent to

seriously dollarcell would have been a good means to help people, imagine me making a lot of efforts to bring people to visit my like and all to no avail. its really unfair. owners of dollarcell should take note that they will be receiving more curses than blessing they should be receiving.

Njabulo Lesley Khumalo

this is my account

so did they send you you’re money?

Njabulo Lesley Khumalo

I have met the requirements of withdrawing money from dollarcell but they first gave me survey to complete and I did, I have not received the money and the survey finished my airtime. I need this money

Michael N Bethany Nabors

Won’t ever see your $ it’s a scam

i saw no survey, yours is better. they said offer not available in my region

they are full scam

it is a scam hey dont go there guys


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