Withdraw a Complaint, Post, or Comment

To withdraw a claim there is a one time fee of: $199.00

Why is there a fee to remove a complaint?

Most complaint and consumer review sites do not even offer a way to remove a complaint form their sites, if you read the terms of service on these sites some even specifically state they will not remove complaints under any circumstances. We believe this is both unethical and a disservice to consumers. We believe there are a number of reason other sites will not remove content for any reason, but one of them is likely that it is very time consuming and requires actual time by employees and human interaction with users. We decided it was in the best interest of both our users who have posted complaints or reviews as well as companies they have posted complaints about to allow a way for people to remove content they have posted. Whether they posted inaccurate information on accident or the company resolved their problem, we don’t believe taking the position of not removing content for any reason does not serve anyone’s best interests.

The purpose of this fee is to cover the costs and time the administration at ComplainstList.com expend for each complaint, post, response, or comment removed.  Each withdrawal request at Complaints List is verified by our administration to ensure that the person requesting content removed from our site was in fact the original poster of the claim in order to avoid companies or people being complained about don’t try to have accurate and true complaints about them removed.

Complaints List utilizes IP Tracing technology, email verification, and sometimes other form of correspondence per withdrawal request to confirm authenticity before any action is taken.

We at Complaintslist.com feel it is fair and just to allow an option for content withdrawal by our users, as it creates opportunities for companies to review the claims on our site and make an attempt at resolving these disputes.  This is important so that consumers who use our site may get resolution and/or compensation from companies that have operated in an unsavory or below par manner.  Without such withdrawal requests there would be little to no desire for companies to attempt to resolve the issues stated by Complaints List users, as the content of the resolved complaint would remain.

The withdrawal request must come from the original poster only, as  they are the creator of the content and because we must verify that they, and only they are removing their complaint or review.

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