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Last Updated On: October 15, 2015

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Corporate Address:
754 Alamba
Las Vegas, Nevada USA

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Phone Number: 876-561-8816


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Is this for real

I have been contacted by US Megger millions saying that I have been selected as a winner of 2 1/2 million$ the company said that I have to pay 4,500 up front to the government before they can give me the cashiers check. They are located at 754 Alamba Las Vages the phone # is 876-561-8816 the person who contacted me was John Taylor I would like to know if you ever herd of this company.


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I got Micheal Anderson. Said I was selected to get 2.5 million and just wanted some money up front for taxes to the international revenue service. Aside from how shady the guy sounded he did did not know what IRS stood for and wanted money up front for taxes on a prize is not something that happens. They either take it out before sending it to you or you are required to claim it on your taxes at the end of you the year.

876-562-5841 is the number I was called by, though very similar same stories. “Bobby Miller” called me. Said I’d won $855,000 and $50,000 in cash, plus a Toyota which magically transformed into a Benz halfway through the conversation. He called incessantly … like, crazy constantly, even though I rejected each of his calls. I continually tricked him into calling me, and then I’d rope him into a debate before he could demand that I call him. He insisted that it was for recording and security purposes. I didn’t believe him. There are, after all, scams that will collect money if… Read more »

Well, they got a new name, and a "Private" number. Name of the contact is Philip Davis. Wonder if Mr Shaw sold the "Franchise".

John Taylor is still at it: 6/11/13 called from ‘Megger Millions’ 876-561-8816 about my $250,000 check… Yes, yet another report I’ll make to the Florida Attorney General…

Total scam. Called from 876-328-5866. Guy goes by Brandon Shaw and says he has partners at Magger Million International in Las Vegas. Tried to get me to send him a money car and western union money to them. Hes actually in Trelawny Falmouth Jamaica WI.


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