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Is a Scam, Rip Off, or Fraud? WARN OTHER CONSUMERS By Sharing

Messages just keep coming....

I am getting these text messages with you have won! Well we know its not true, so I delete it.

So it comes in again and again.

I will soon start getting hit with message charges because I don’t use text messages a lot, and bought just a small package for emergencies. These spam/scams have got stop!

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November 17th received text message I had won $1000. Target gift card. Shut them down! Times are hard and a gift card would have been a great blessing at this time of year. To find out it is a fake dashes ones hopes, and gives Target a very bad name. Phone number that contacted me was 612-714-7271

I too received a text on my cell phone to claim 1000.00 gift card phone #612-750-4220 . I agree SHUT THEM DOWN

I think target should be responsible for this FALSE texting. At least they should be doing the investigating to find out why and do some heavy fining!!!

i also received a message from verizon about claimin a free $1000 target gift card

I also received a message from you to go to and enter code 4787 to claim your free $1000 target gift card within 24 hours. It developed into nothing but disappointment. It appears that the person sending out these announcements major on those who are excited about having a Christmas this year.

I just recieved the same text as everyone else from 985-259-1078 at 6:09pm. About 2 weeks ago I filled out a servey for them, thinking that by helping them out…I could possibly have a chance to win. I was so excited when I got this text because I was going to us it on getting Christmas gifts for my family, since I’m kind of hurting for money this year with buying a car. Went to the website and it said that there is no such website. So I googled it and came across this site, full of complaints! They shouldnt… Read more »

Received same text today – knew it was too good to be true! Thanks for the warnings!

I am the only one that got the $1000 gift card? You guys gotta make sure the cap-locks are off when you enter the code… retards…

Oh, Kurt, Kurt, Kurt. You are so STUNNINGLY full of crap. Go outside and play.

Complaint. I received a text on my phone it said. I went to that sight and I find nothin. What is the deal. Hear. The need to get into trouble for false texting.

Thank you all for posting! It is helpful that with just a little bit of research we can actually catch a scam before being caught by a scam. I got same text today, Looked it up, saw all this info and got the answer I was looking for. Thank you again all for posting.

I received the same text November 13th 2012. It is a scam, the website wants you to purchase a bunch of stuff to be eligible to win the gift card.

I received the identical message tonight around the same time as Christine. The fact that I haven’t entered anything was my first clue that this was a scam. The clincher was the "Time Left" clock, showing I had 5 minutes left to claim my prize– totally impossible if I really had 24 hours to claim my prize from the time my text message arrived. If you’re still thinking of trying this "contest" out, take a look at the very fine print Privacy Policy. It looks like the parent company website is and they are an affiliate company. While… Read more »

I also received the same message on Nov 13th I got on the site, read the scams and didn’t try any further This is too bad as it is giving Target a bad name

I also received the same message this November 13 and thanks to the previous 2 postings, I knew it was another one of those scams. If it is too good to be true, it is really too good

Received the EXACT same message at 5:29pm on November 13 but when I entered the email address I saw the scam postings.


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