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I received a text from 909-764-7737 at 5am this morning 11/28/2012 saying “ Your entry last month has WON? Go to and enter your winning code 64537 to claim your FREE $1000 Target gift card within 24hrs”.

I thought this was legitimate, but when I tried to pull up this website there wasn’t one. So I Googled it, and it brought me to see SEVERAL complaints against this scam.

I am HAPPY I found this site and was not “taken” by this scam, as others have been.

WARNING – DO NOT FALL FOR THIS SCAM (Please SEE ATTACHED copy of text sent to me. Please note, my GMail also thinks its a scam to try to steal my information)

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This is a shame. A company of this size still should honor this. Especially with the shape that our economy is in

If you want to erase this scamulator from your memory bank:
If your provider is VERIZON,
Open the text message.
FORWARD this text message to7726,
You will get a message to enter the PHONE NUMBER that it came in on.
Enter the phone number and REPLY or SEND.
You will get a final message concerning how to totally eliminate this pain in your ***.
Good luck.
If this doesn’t work….call 611, and they will lead you through it.
This scam has NOTHING to do with the TARGET CORP.

So i happened to have entered a raffle for a 1000 gift card recently. n gave them my email address. When i got to the next step i didnt want to give any more info than that n checked online n found all these scam comments. Oh no! Should i be worried? Is that too much info? The email that is.

I got a text at 4:26 am from 909-764-7694. Your entry last month has won. I never enter contest and when I do I never win. It is surely a scam.

I got the text this morning at 5:38. I knew it was a scam and wanted to see if there was any way to report it. It is sad that people resort to these things to get money when there are hard working people who earn their money. Get a real job and some compassion scammers.

They got my number too! I’m on board with the rest of you, 12;55PM. YOUR ENTRY LAST MONTH HAS WON! GO TO TARGETCONTESTS.NET AND ENTER YOUR WINNING CODE 84758 TO CLAIM YOUR FREE $1000 TARGET GIFT card within 24 hrs. 11-27-12 When is anything REALLY FREE???????? Crooks!
D**n Parasites………….

My husband and I received a text to go to Target to win $1,000.00 gift certificate at Target. These texts costs us when received. We did not enter a contests. We are senior and did not just fall off the turnip truck. We did not enter any contests. We sure could use the money!!!

too bad we can’t stop these or actually get them to pay

I got that text too, I wish it was for reals!

I just received the same text "Your entry last month has WON! Go to and enter your winning code XXXXX to claim your FREE $1000 Target gift card within 24hrs." from 951-902-5862

I received a scam call also from 951-992-9187 today. Do not answer these calls!!! NICE TRY BUT NO GOOD..LOL!!

got a text from 951-992-2046 at 1:00 today. knew it was a scam. to the person who is going to own cpmpany, please send my $1000.00 gift card to me. thanks & Merry Christmas

I got the same text from 9097625806. guess I won;’t even bother with it. thanks

got one from 951-922-2046 around 1:00. knew it was a scam but to the person who is going to own the company, please send me my $1000.00 gift cards, thanks & merry Christmas

Thank you for the scam notice. I got the call at 6am and started to check it out and notice all the comments. This is definetly a scam

I got it too!

Like the rest of you, I know didn’t enter a contest at Target. I take care of my 100 year old mother-in-law. We have to be with her 24/7 and I don’t get out very often. I’m about an hour away from the nearest Target. Lord knows I could use the money, couldn’t we all! It’s a real shame there are such scammers in the world. Pray, pray, pray!

I got scammed. I ordered two or three items before Imrelized what was happening. What can I do?

Darn, and here I thought I got a free grand for doing absolutely nothing.

Me, too. I called Target and it is not legit! This happened today, 11/27.

I got the call at 3:44 am!!! I have been sick and finally getting some much needed sleep. I will report this SCAM and will not stop until I get $1000.00 or own part of the Company!!! F ers!!

Same as #1- ripoff

I got a text from 951 902 5827 saying I won a 1000.00 gift card from target I needed to enter number before 24hrs to claim this site is what came up. guess I was scamed too.

Thank you very much! I got the same text at 4am. I didn’t apply to any contest either. Pretty tempting! They sure know how to trick a person.


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