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Last Updated On: May 15, 2017

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Sweepstakes Network scam rip-off

This company preys on seniors and uses fake govt. agencies along with fake govt. agents with badge numbers to convince seniors that they have won $500,000 and need to send them $1,300 so that they can get their money. They will call you and try and convince you by the use of these phony agents telling you they can be trusted because they work for the Federal Protection bureau and that this guaranteed by them to be real. Another agent a woman will call you and give you a badge number telling you it is real and you are so lucky to have won so much money.

You are so convinced you are spending it already, but first there is a little hitch we need $1,300 from you to insure this money gets to you. Sometimes they say it is in Costa Rica and there is some fee for getting it from there.

Whatever they tell you it is all a lie. I did call there number but blocked my caller ID and I was greeted with a barrage of expletives and racial slurs when they realized I had blown their cover. These are not nice people they are the scum of the earth ripping of the elderly. They had my mother convinced thank God she called me before she sent the money she was sure that she had won and begged me for the dough.

Don’t fall for it there is no company that asks you for money if you have won. You are a loser not a winner if you send anyone money. Be very aware if you see this number 866-978-7722 hang up!

Continental Sweepstakes Network or Publishers Continental Sweepstakes New York New York 10017 866-978-7722 

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i was called todayMay 15 2017. They say I have won $525 000 and the State ofvHawaii that they pay 1%.The guy calling said he is from thtConsumer Protection Bureau at 315 207 4393.They gave me the phone number for Continental Sweeptake Network 702 425 5958 and 866 978 8232. I will not call them….

Similar thing happened to my father. Said he won 9 million dollars and needed to give them $3000 to route the money through Costa Rica. He did send some money thankfully not alot…. after cutting it off. once they where exposed they called saying they where a lwayer to help him get his money back but I of course knew it was the same scammers. If this happens to your loved one do not think its over once you expose them they have many tricks to continue the scam !

This company preyed on my father similar details but said he won 9 million and needed to send money for taxes to Costa Rica. They used

watch out for mellisa davis she is an attorney and she is calling you from a supposely finance company and said lords of london is the insurer and started out at around 4ooo before I was threw it was 1200 the numbers given to me was 202-510-9907 and the continal sweepstakes 702-505-9834 its a far everybody I ca;;ed said it was a scam.

This company preys on seniors and uses fake govt. agencies along with fake govt. agents with badge numbers to convince seniors that they have won $500,000 and need to send them $1,300 so that they can get their money. 866-978-7722 hang up if you see this number



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