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Last Updated On: November 27, 2017

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Business Name: Publisher's Clearing House
Corporate Address:
382 Channel Dr
Port Washington, New York 11050 USA

Customer Service

Phone Number: 516-883-5432
Company Contact: Andy Goldberg - CEO
Corp Website:


Average Rating: 1.67 out of 5
Based On: 18 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 117

Damage Reports

Reported Losses: $15,933.95
Average Reported Losses: $885.22

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Is Publisher’s Clearing House a Scam, Rip Off, or Fraud? WARN OTHER CONSUMERS By Sharing

Customer Service Manager Does it AGAIN!

On Sept. 3rd, 2016 I saw my name on a pop-up as being a recent winner of an online contest in the amount of $10,000.

Shortly after that I received an email from Emily Johnson, manager of PCH which expressed an apology that she hated to send to a PCH VIP. She said that due to human error, my name was entered as winner of $10,000. (If a computer pulls the name of the winner, how does it release the wrong name)…

She went on to write that this has never happened before, and that the system was being worked on so that it will never happen again. (I have since then, read of at least 4 other persons who got the exact same message, only difference is the amount.)

I emailed back my response to Ms Johnson (the email address is the same as it is on the PCH site). When Ms. Johnson emailed back, she offered me a chance at a special drawing where the winner would win $10,000, and all others would receive 50,000 tokens. I informed her that I wanted nothing to do with putting my name along with 20 billion other entrants.

In her next email, she informed me that she was placing 50,000 tokens into my account. I answered her back by telling her to put that 50,000 tokens into the client account at PCH who had the least token total. I wanted nothing to do with her ‘hush tokens’.

I have copies of all emails sent between this person and myself. I just don’t know how to transfer it here. This cruel and sadistic behavior must be stopped. How can she do this over the years, and still continue to do it and remain an employee of PCH, let alone, a manager. If I try to call and complain, it goes to a C.S. agent.

What agent would turn in their manager? If I try to contact the Consumer Affairs dept. Of PCH, as I did last week, the C.S. agent said that she doesn’t have that extension. (Customer Service answers all calls to PCH. Why wouldn’t they have the extension #?)

With my last email to ms Johnson, I informed her that nothing would make it better than to award me the $10,000 that PCH released all over the world. I was upset that she said I was the only one getting the apology (why keep it quiet? Ashamed?).

At the present time, I have heard nothing else from this person, but the 7+ emails that I received from her will prove everything.

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More About Publisher’s Clearing House

Publishers Clearing House was originally known for it's Prize Patrol Sweepstakes. The PCH Online Game Network has millions of users with a prize won around every 10 minutes. PCH offers magazine subscriptions and various merchandise sales in addition to it's prizes. Additional Websites and Companies under Publishers Clearing House Properties:,,,,, pchsave&,,


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I am a brain cancer disability person. I been doing the Publisher Clearing House (PCH) sweepstakes for over 40 years on a regular basis through the mail and online. I have made purchases a few times on Publisher Clearing House (PCH) and every time the items they sold me were junk and broke. They also offered a $ 30 bonus package with a purchase and had to pay for Shipping and Handling for each item The bonus was junk paper stuff not worth a buck. When I complained one time and I asked for a refund, they sent me credit… Read more »

if it is free why do they insist on selling me something?

since 2011 with pch have won 10 dollars, have not heard of any big winners in Mattapan, Dorchester or Roxbury, beginng to think fraudulent

After four years of diligently playing PCH games for hours and hours each and every day, amassing more than 48,000,000 (yes, 48 million) tokens, I have never received one dollar, not one cent, in awards. Something is completely wrong or fraudulent here.

I use the pch search every day to earn tokens, but about every week or so PCH resets my search benefit from 25,000 tokens per search, to 5,000 tokens and I have to work my way back up to 25,000 tokens over the next 5 days. I am online every night between 10pm and 3am and I purposely make sure I make several searches using the PCH search engine to make sure I HP LaserJet get more tokens. I have never missed a day since I started using this search engine. But PCH keeps robbing me of tokens, by resetting… Read more »

Same thing has happened to me on several occasions. Could be an honest error but don’t really know. It is annoying but I work back up my points in a few days. Maybe they will figure it out soon.

PCH is extremely annoying. Even after making a purchase they continue to hound you with request for a purchase

On the lotto app blast play, I hit 5 in a row, it showed that blast I received 10,000 tokens and was directed to open red curtains. But I never got the red curtains. The game seemed to freeze up. It was near the 2pm pst when the afternoon lotto will be ready to play. What gets me is, could I have lost a big cash prize? I have gotten the red curtain a couple of times before but only received 300,000 tokens. But you have a chance of a big cash prize. Plus I was betting the highest amount… Read more »

Yeah if the game has a winner of cash it will close out and just like turn cash into tokens so you can’t get a large payout pch says if someone wins that they will come to your door to award the money so just think how many homes they would be going to daily.

There are no prizes. It is a scam and a waste of time. Just quit paying them if you owe PCH anything.

newest issues? they now slam you with the constant “turn off your ad blocker” s**t so that you are constantly having a hard time using their sites. they have also CHANGED the actual dates in the superprizes so the actual date of potential winning is wrong for emails and tv ads. I noticed this starting 2015 and on into 2017.

pch advertises that you can pay for your purchase in installment style payments. I made the initial payment. Today I received a nasty letter demanding full payment! I immediately sent them a check for full balance.

I have told you before about this!!!!!!!!!!!!! My token history should be threw the roof, it is going down the more points I score!!!!!!!!Make sure you send me the same OL bull!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i think their games have been hacked,i play every day and some days during the sweepstakes games,i know i have clicked on all the pieces that bring you to the $1,000,000 prize,but sometimes i only get 500,000.00 or 250,000.00 and on the vacation one for 90,000.00 i can only go as high as 75,000.00 and i know i click on all the pieces.another thing that bothers me is that when i mail checks in for my orders,it takes way to long for them to apply to my account,i had a check cash today that was mailed last week which is… Read more »
Your advertiser regarding the “wonderful” results of weight loss and apple cider vinegar brings you to a link about how it really works in conjunction with “pure life garcinia” you can do the trial offer of this garcinia for the cost of shipping. So, ok, I ordered it. Well, you have to get the coffee stuff also- both for about $11.00. I get them. Absolutely no difference. I figure, oh well. THEN I get charged $179.00 2 weeks later because I never saw that you have to call to cancel. They stole the money from my checking account without sending… Read more »
Been playing since I was a kid, over 40 years . I consider it entertainment but I did win a whole dollar 30 years ago. I too got a 10,000 winner announcement followed by a sorry VIP saying a guy in California will never see a forever prize winner since one number out of 100s of millions will be forfeited by someone not sending back the big winner. It’s a great advertising gimmick but if someone does send it in they’ll win.why do you see only one million dollar winners. They get a lot of advertising play for that… Read more »
Paris JesusisLord Smith

This happen to me a couple of months ago also another incident I recieved was a pop up saying that I won 50,000 tokens and to expect a check 4-6 weeks I am taking legal action there a class action law suit going.

PCH is a remarkable marketing SCAM that should be banned from the Internet. Why no sensible legislative/regulatory body has not sought to rid the Internet of this SCAM is a mystery,. They must pay SOMEONE a lot of money to continue with their lies, deception, and phony claims is beyond belief. The “winners” are fake! The awards to 99% of the alleged winners are FAKE and totally BS! I’m a marketing EXPERT and can say without a doubt that PCH is BRILLIANT in their marketing! BUT, if you think you are going to win something, anything, think again. It ain’t… Read more »

It’s of my belief with trust,faith and hope that yes PCH you should most definitely honor all of us people that were announced as 10000 dollar winners !!! If you can advertise passing out 10000 a week forever ,7000 a week forever, 5000 million dollar superprizes and million dollar prizes ,then most assuredly you should most definitely honor 50000 or 60000 thousand dollars on all of our names being announced as winners !!! It’s just the professional ,honorable thing to do !!! This is my opinion on this and I think a very good one !!!

Yes I’ll join this complaint discussion for sure !!! First of all I’m another victim of having my name announced on site that I was a 10000 dollar instant cash winner !!! I was very happy for about 2 hours until I had my d**n bubble bursted also.Do I think PCH should honor different people including myself for this d**n blunder ??? Hell yes because it is the honorable thing to do especially with a consumer – contest driven Corporation !!! Well I’ve moved past it and my recent complaint is having a 1000 dollar cash prize confirmed within my… Read more »
I am 77 years old and played Tri peaks rush and did over 18000 pointd putting me an all time winner . I recieved email congratulating me stated I would recieve 100 dollars in 3 t0 4 weeks I got another asking me for answers to 4 questions I saved emails and ect a nd suddenly it was removed from my Gmail and even my Tablet including another tablet with 5 emails down gone so I know they hacked me as I kept getting warning I was not alone over -00 dollars so I certainly understand them doing that to… Read more »

Pch is hacking…happens a lot. People will be playing and poof…they just disappear. Pch knows about this but continues to do over and over.

Paris JesusisLord Smith

yes i cant find my emails either I hope my lawyer can get for my case

I guess I am the fifth $10,000 pop-up winner that was scammed by PCH in
September and I also captured a screenshot. I think we need a lawyer.

I also got a popup while playing pch saying I had won 10000 dollars and that afternoon got an email saying it was a mistake and IF would be entered into a special drawing with 5 more people to win. I have sent pch emails saying how wrong it is and the last one they said they would wait and see how much the public would say about it. I think putting me off hoping I will go away but I will not.

Scam. They tell me and supposedly others that we are offically $10,000 winners and now say sorry that was a mistake, and that 5 of us will be in a random $10,000 drawing. Bullshit, I will sue this POS company, for false awards. You are garbage and suck.

I will also join that “mistake” rank of recipients. I too was notified that I had won the VIP $10,000 on Sept 16th 2016. I quickly took a digital picture and screen snapshot of the winning notification knowing it would go away with a click of the mouse, and then would have no proof. Then on the following day I too received an email letter from PCH where they claim that “The announcement including your name was sent only to you, and not to anyone else.” My question is: If I was the ONLY one according to their letter that… Read more »

I won $ 10,000 last night on PCH games. This morning I got an email from PCH and they said it was a mistake. Has this happened to anyone else? I guess it was a scam after all.

I won $5 on pch games, they had me fill out a form and even put my name at the bottom of the screen where u c so and so won $10 cash or a $5 gift card. I never received my prize and when I called to complain they said that I misunderstood and I was in a contest to win $5.

Debbie Harley Jackson

You can win if you keep at it, the odds are very high against you, but it is possible. Play every day!

Lol alot of yall are idiots. It’s a free lotto,they aren’t just gonna give you the money.

Also,I’ve lost many games. Big deal,stop whining and either quit or keep trying. My aunt and uncle did win 5k years ago, so it IS real. Just very very hard to win.



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