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Best Buy scammed me out of a $1000.00 gift card

Like all the others I received a text announcing me as a winner of a $1000.00 Best Buy gift card. “When I got there the cover was bare, now me and my little dog have none!”

I’ve also given up on trying to get my reward points, when ever I try I get a message that that particular server is temporarily down, yeah like for three years!

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Why doesn’t BestBuy issue a blanket denial and apology, regarding (as they claim) this SCAM!! I do not understand why they ("BB") waited so long to clear this up. I myself, received the same text message (Dec.20012) and for a moment, I thought my winning was related to my response to the store receipt survey. I think they are full of FECES!!!

AGAIN people, these texts are NOT from Best Buy! Just like the one from "Target" That. is. why. they. are. called. SCAMS!

It makes me sick how absolutely BRAIN-DEAD these comments are. People ACTUALLY fell for this?!!? And people ACTUALLY thought Best Buy had anything to do with these texts? How completely stupid can you be?!


I also reicievd a mesage from best buy sayingi won a cash card to best buy stores whats up best buy my husband lovesur stere n he was happy whn i told him but now that we have been having trouble claiming the gift card were dissapointed in bestbuy

It’s NOT Bestbuy! I’m so tired of reading "Disappointed in Best Buy" or "never shopping at Best Buy again!". Please people, do your research on this type of scam. It has noting to do with Best Buy. These scammers are just using a company’s name that you are familiar with and most likely trust.

seeing all these comments " I’m done with best buy" , I’ll never shop Best buy again"… C’mon… Really sheeple?
In this day and age, so many of you still believe this garbage actually comes from Best Buy ? 99.9 % of these text and email "promotions" are from Scammers! for god sake, anybody can make up a phony web address.
Don’t be so D**n Naive…

So I get this text this morning on my verizon pre-paid phone, saying I won and to go to and put in this number to claim my prize. There is no website, So I’m challenging Best Buy to give me an answer on why or how this happens. I and my family and friends will no longer shop at Best Buy. Good luck BEST BUY!!!

I’m with you on that, and what about …how did you get my number? and who’s going to pay for my wasted text message?…. you know even with unlimited texting that "ishh "is not free )-:;

Good Luck best buy?
LOL If you’re falling for this crap ‘and’ believing it’s the ‘actual’ Company behind it? YOU need the Luck…Jeezus… How dumb are you….

I agree, it’s clear that this kind of spam cannot come from Best Buy, however, I, for one, received the same text, knew it was spam, but still was so irritated by it that I am know weary of any type of communication from best buy…regardless if it is official or not. I immediately spam anything with best buy in the header. I’m sure I am not the only one. So, best buy might actually see a decrease in the effectiveness of their online marketing, for example, if people continue to receive these txts. No one likes spam, even if… Read more »

This stuff is really messed up bestbuy should take action i will not be shopping there anymore.. atleast not untill this is resolved

Just got one last week. I do shop there. I have sprint. Mine said i thought i thought i heard they were giving away cards so i put the number in. But then i called best buy who said it is a scam and are looking into it. Then called sprint who is aware of it and looking into it. But said they will not be able to access my bank info. But may hav signed me up for something that will be charged on my phone. So i called customer service & they said nothing had come thru… Read more »

I got this txt today ….You were approved as the victor of our Holiday Giveaway Challenge. Please tell us where to send it by entering code BB81 here http://www.Be

Hi, this message was sent to my phone @ 3:00 am saying that I won a prize and that need to claim it code bb15. Never even register ed for anything dealing with bestbuy. I think this should be a lawsuit. Sent from gobaabtvi@bestbuy.m

I don’t know if I should be worried about the information I put it. I put my DOB which is under 18 my phone number and my home address. Should I be worried?

I just received a text from Best Buy saying I had won a $1000.00 gift card from them. By the looks of all of the other fraudulent offers, I do believe Best Buy should be getting ready for a Class Action Lawsuit.

received the same text said I won $1000.00 go th the web site and claim it. I deleted it just 3 minutes ago I received another text saying "your recent entry was victorious in winning you a gift card! Enter 5389 to claim at http.// my computer and prepaid verizon phone cannot find such a web site Shame on BEST BUY

These offers do not come from best buy…
I do believe ‘you’ should be getting ready for ‘many more’ disappointments by being SCAMMED. WAKE UP!

Best Buy – don’t like companies that play games – evidentally like your CEO has played games with the company – as it is failing. so … i will not be purchasing from Best Buy any longer.

I cannot believe you actually believe the real company has anything to do with this scam. Stop being ignorant and do some research. If the company is indeed failing, it probably has a lot to do with people like you who are easily tricked into believing a scam and then when you don’t get what you were promised by the scam, you never shop at the company the scam was representing again. Read Carefully: BEST BUY HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS SCAM. BEST BUY IS THE REAL VICTIM IN THIS SCAM BECAUSE THEY ARE LOSING CUSTOMERS (and apparently hundreds… Read more »

I got a txt today from 561-203-9106. Website does not exist.

I got the same text too saying i won and the website doesnt exist

Received a txt to my verizon phone this morning to claim my winnings by entering code 2989. the email it was from:

Scam text message received "bestbuy gift card’…….etc. do not reply.

i received these before but from a 262 number. I received another one yesterday then today I got 2 messages from to enter code7680 on their site to claim my $1000 gift card.

Got a mesage: "Your entry has won! Go to and enter code 1122 to claim your $1000 Best Buy gift card!" From (313) 319-7563 figured it was a scam :/


My entry has won $1,000 also Verizon customer! Pretty low around Christmas ….. since I have just suffered a lay off!

i got a text stating that i won a free gift from Douglas Ambrose at Best Buy

I just got the text. Mine said I have won 500 dollars. On my Goverment cell phone. Knew it was scam but so annoying.

Got text today,11-2-12:

"Your entry has won! Go to and enter code "1122" to claim your $1000 Best Buy gift card! Must claim by 11/30/2012."

Glad I checked on this before going to website.

i got the same tex but every time i go to the web it says server unavailable

i got the text saying same thing winning code was 7376… smelled a rat and google the phone # and found this site.,, too good to be true usually is.

now the number is 804-389-6066


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