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There are any number of reasons you may choose to stock up on alcohol. Perhaps you are hoping to throw the year’s most epic New Year’s party. Or perhaps you want to have plenty of beer for your next Superbowl game. You could even be starting up your own bar and restaurant and after getting your liquor license, are ready to stock your shelves so you can be prepared to serve a plethora of mixed drinks for your patrons.

Have you purchased wine or alcohol from an online website and been disappointed in your purchase? Was the alcohol you ordered overpriced for what you received? Are their shipping rates too high? Or does the arrival time take too long? When you made your purchase from the wine and alcohol website, were you promised the product would arrive within seven business days but you found yourself waiting much longer for the product to arrive.

Most alcohol comes in glass containers and therefore can be very fragile. Most times, shipping glass isn’t a reason to fear because they are tightly packed within a box filled with foam or packaging peanuts but that doesn’t mean that the product won’t shift around. Have you received an item that had been damaged and perhaps completely drained by the time it reached your home?

Does the website have an easy-to-use return policy or do they refuse returns even if the product has never been opened? If they do allow returns how much do they charge in restocking fees? Not only will you have to pay to ship the item back but depending on their restocking fee, you may be better off re-gifting your purchase.

Perhaps you live in a state where you are not permitted to buy alcohol online or the website will not ship to your state. Do they make the information of who they can sell to and who they can’t? Do they explain clearly that someone over 21 is required to sign the arrival of the package in order to complete the delivery?

If you have a wine and alcohol website complaint, then please share it with us here at Help others understand what problems can occur or be expected when buying alcohol online so they too can be prepared.

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