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Last Updated On: September 19, 2017

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Business Name: JustFly Inc
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250 Water St #205B
Summerside, Prince Edward Island C1N 1B6 Canada

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Phone Number: 800-717-5015
Corp Email: info@justfly.com
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Bait & Switch

JustFly.com advertise flights and the website gives the same error message, “We are unable to complete your reservation due to a system error. Sorry for the inconvenience”, for several days in a row at all times of the day, as I have tried on different PC, Cell Phones, and different browsers?

When calling and speaking to a representative, they show the flights I selected, and after I give all my info, they then come back and says one of the flights is no longer available and wants you to switch flights and pay more.

Plus, when I asked the rep to cancel the order, the very rude rep would not listen and was trying to get me to book different flights.

This is a typical bait and switch scenarios and it looks like Government agency needs to get involved – what do you think?

Here is an interesting site that gave all there info; hence the reason I am filing a complaint.

FlightHub was almost the same, but the website just stated “oops” that flight is no longer available”. I got these websites from cheapflights.com as they listed them when searching flights, so I am not sure if this company should also be held liable!

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