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Unless you are a diehard workaholic, you probably want to get out of the office, factory, and store or away from the farm and take a small vacation. Vacation and a change of scenery can do wonders to improve your mood and relieve stress. Thankfully, traveling and vacations can be made easily with travel websites that allow you to plan your vacations and some even make booking hotels and airfare easy to further relieve stress.

But like anything online, you have to be careful for legitimate websites or fraudulent ones. You want to make sure that the site you’re booking with isn’t a site that offers terrific discounts so you’ll jump at the opportunity to plan your vacation only to lose money when they steal your personal information and run.

You also want to make yourself aware of any charges or fees that may come if you end up having to cancel your travel plans. If you’ve made a deposit, you may have a next-to-impossible time getting your money refunded. Even if you don’t plan on cancelling your vacation, you never know what may occur between when you book and when you leave. And you may find that you may only be entitled to a portion of your deposit; if any at all.

Also, depending on the website, you may not be told the name of the hotel until after the booking. You may only be told about the hotel rating and room description. After the booking when you have the hotel name, you may then look it up to find that the hotel has a lot of complaints. By that time you won’t be able to change because of the website’s policy. So you may end up paying the travel website fee and be staying at a hotel you may not want.

If you have a travel website complaint and you want to warn others about which travel websites they should avoid, then please share your story here at You’ll feel better knowing you have helped prepare others about what to avoid when they go to book their vacations.

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