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Taking a survey online is one of the tools that many websites use to make sure that the business’s or websites customers are happy with the layout of the website and find it easy to navigate. They use the information provided by their visitors to determine how often people come to their site, what information they come for, the ages of their visitors, and whether or not there is anything that needs to be improved about their website to encourage even more traffic flow.

Many different websites use surveys to find details out about their customers. Websites such as medical websites, automotive websites, and online shopping websites all use surveys to identify who visits and for what and why. Online surveys are not a surprise anymore and some surveys offer the chance to win prizes if you complete the online survey. And this has lead to more than just the annoyance that online surveys offer.

Like many things online there are a number of scams that surround online surveys. Ways for you to provide personal information about yourself as well as your email address so that your information and be sold for money and profit. And there are also the advertised jobs that you can take surveys online and get paid for the surveys.

Most scams don’t just come right out and scream “I’m a scam” though it would be nice if they did. And many sites will offer things like testimonials, guarantees, and documented proof that they are a legitimate online survey website that will pay you. However, these can be easily made up. Anyone can write a testimonial or give you a fake guarantee. And supposed documented proof can be easily counterfeited giving you a false sense of security.

The best way to protect yourself is to follow the whole ‘if it is too good to be true than it probably is’ cautionary phrase. If you have had experience however with an online survey website then please share it here at Help others avoid bad websites or scams.

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