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Last Updated On: August 9, 2017

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Business Name: Tidebuy International Ltd
Corporate Address:
Rm 19C Lockhart Ctr 301-307 Lockhart Rd
Hong Kong China

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Phone Number: +86-29-68968082
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Average Rating: 1.13 out of 5
Based On: 69 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 65

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Reported Losses: $14,688.53
Average Reported Losses: $212.88

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Is ShoesPie a Scam, Rip Off, or Fraud? WARN OTHER CONSUMERS By Sharing

Thieves, aka Shoe Fraud - only take a slice of your Pie

Like many, I viewed the products on ShoesPie and was very excited with the merchandise and prices of the shoes. My guy thought the shoes were sharp and ordered a pair for my birthday. It took the company a day to charge his account and more than 30 days for me to receive them.

When I open the box I was I was sooo disappointed. The shoes were inferior on any standard for the price indicated. The shoes were not leather, not the color as shown on the website, and they smelled, however not the “new car” smell.

I contacted the company via email and the chat line. I stayed on the chatline with the company for more than an hour explaining why I wanted my money back.Sooo many excuses were made as to why I can not have a refund. Ridiculous.

After threats of contacting the BBB and reporting fraud… I was told where to ship the shoes in Cali and I would receive most of the funds back.

Followed directions, tracked the package, box still sitting at the PO b/c their office has not been open for delivery… Go figure.

Guess what… I’m still waiting. No shoes. No money…need I say more…?

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I placed an order of some boots back on 12/7/17 and still have not received them. Today is 1/17/18!!!! I get no reply to my e-mails and there is no phone number to call. When I track my order it shows them in China since 1/3/18! I am out $178.00 and I will be contacting the better business bureau. What a bunch of crooks! DO NOT ORDER FROM THESE PEOPLE!!!!!

I placed a order for some pumps I paid almost $100.00 and got crap. The shoe barely fit it was too long or something it was cheaply made. You could see where they cut the material inside of the shoe. They did not give any information as to how to send them back it was awful. I unsubscribe to this site. I am Pissed!

OMG…Do not order from shoes pie…poor quality…it’s like they took the shoes you
Iike and tried to remake. Not worth the money I spent…but never again will I order from shoes pie…besides it took forever to get my shoes…over $300.00…. Never again!!!

Lost $60 bucks. The worst customer service and such a sham! Ordered shoes and when they arrived – after 60 + days! – they were not as I thought they would be. Spoke to customer svce about returning them right away. First they continuously tried to get me to keep them by offering coupons on future purchases. Then tried to offer a $20 refund. This despite their website that says 30 days free return! When I finally got the address of where to return the shoes, I was advised that I would not get the full purchase price refunded to… Read more »

Never got my shoes

don’t waste your time and money with this people I place an order within 5 months ago and until this moment I haven’t got anything
for the last 3 months I’ve been trying to get my money back but let me give you an example of what you guys going to get, ..

Thank you for your concern about our products .
we couldn’t free to reship,you need to pay $45 to our account:
Once we get your payment,we will reship this order.
Any questions, please feel free to Contact Us.

I ordered a pair of shoes on March 24th order number 1089309. I have not received them. When I sent an email to Customer Service, they advised that they will not assist me because I made a bad review and was told to email them at Every time i send an email to that box, i get a generic email but no resolution.

I have only just opened/received my parcel containing 2 of 3 pairs of shoes from Shoespie having paid and ordered for three in March!!! 1. Long delivery times – ordered and paid for them in March, delivered in today (May). 2. Only 2 of 3 pairs were received! 2. Poor to non-existent Customer Services – I contacted them via email 7 times to no avail, and not even a standard acknowledgement response to any of these emails was received. 3. I rang them in China and left a voicemail message – again, no response. 4. No online chat facility available… Read more »

shoespies is a scam. i ordered a pair of shoes on March 24th, order number 1089309. I have never received them or a refund.

I ordered a pair of shoes March 24th never received them Scam scam scam

U.S. customers can return the items to the overseas warehouse in California of America. well this is a lie.Received 2 pair of shoes in a size 8 one pair was way to big more like a 9 and the other pair more like a 7.I asked for the address in California so I can return the shoes and this is the email I received.We feel so sorry for that,considering there will be high return shipping cost and may exist customs duties you need to pay, so be economical for you,we could give you $25 and hope you can accept and… Read more »

This company is a f’ng rip off………..I order some boots on line. The pictures online were nothing as to what I received. I lost over $100 dollars for fake a*s boots…..The boots were advertised as leather. It was not f’ng leather, not even close. Light up a match and they would burn down your house. I hope you and your company burn in hell…………..!!!!! Because that is where you all belong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! a******s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Paybacks are a b***h mother f*****s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


this is a total rip off. I spent almost 300.00 on 3 pairs of shoes, which were so poorly made and uneven in the heels. the stitching was uneven and one shoe was bigger then the other. cheapest leather I have ever seen, the last pair I got , after waiting almost a month to get them were plastic and not wearable , because they were uneven. shame on these people… I will never ever order from them again. they r frauds. hence the name, Shoespie,, don’t be fooled by the beautiful pictures, that is totally false advertising, they should… Read more »
I placed an order for a pair of wedding shoes over a month ago and I recently received an email saying that they were out of stock….Really? It seems to me that it shouldn’t have taken a month after purchasing the shoes that they were out of stock. In return for my inconvenience that offered me a 5% discount toward a future order. Now how is that rectifying the problem that you already knew existed? Bad business gets NO MORE OF MY BUSINESS. Now I have to search for a replacement shoes and it is not going well.
Keysha Speller Gordon

They have the nicest looking shoes on the website, but when you get them after 3 months of ordering them they are a cheaper version of what you ordered and they are not made to wear, these shoes hurt to stand in, and I only had them on for less than a minute to try on smmfh ridiculous omg, I’m so pissed right now, I ordered these shoes in September and I just received them January 19, makes no sense, never ever again… save yourself the trouble do not purchase from these frauds


I ordered 2 pair of heels from these crooks on Dec. 13, 2016. I paid for the 2-5 day delivery. It is Dec. 19th and I have not heard from them nor gotten my shoes. The confirmation email that was sent had the word “address” spelled wrong on it and the total amount paid $129.89 was incorrectly tabulated. This company does not adhere to the BBB because they are in China somewhere. They do not care about the BBB. I email because that is a bogus number they have listed. The return emails come from Tidestore and they ask for… Read more »

Same thing happen to me i recive my shoes ,in 3 weeks but nothing like the picture ,i paid $75, 00 for these but i know God will get them , and you’re right the email do not work the phone number is bogus all of it is just a rip-off

I’m in the same boat as we everyone else. Has to be a fake website. Can’t get in contact with anyone, my order number doesn’t register on the website, the tracking number they sent isn’t tracked to any package. I’m pissed and will find a way to have this website shutdown so they never steal from people like this again.

Karalina Exact same thing happened to me Mike. I’m disgusted with this Co and SOOOO upset. I ordered my boots only to see that they had ordered the wrong boots even though I had put the right code in!! I’ve tried to email them on numerous occasions only to be responded with “yr query is being dealt with & then nothing further!! I tried through the direct chat for hrs to be told I had the wrong order no!! That is not true, I hv the email which I received from shoespie. When I asked the support agent she kept… Read more »

Waited ONE month to hear from shoespie to learn my boots are no longer available. No refund or response from them after several attempts to try to reach them. I believe this is a fake website.

Don’t order from this company!! If you want to make a return they don’t give you a full refund. They say they will negotiate a refund with you! This company is a total rip off. Do not order!!

Warning to anyone that wants to order from shoespie don’t do it! i ordered 2 pair of shoes they were cheaply made. Also took 4 weeks to get i wanted to return and they said i wouldn’t get full refund because i got free shipping. Complete rip off will never order from this company again and will always check reviews before i order from any company im not familiar with.

83.00 shoes. Clothe not paten leather.and to small. There fix was 20.00 and drop the pay pal claim. Then they said ship shoes back and get 20.00. Shipping would have been 65.00 pay pal could of got back my 83.00. And I still loose. Worst, I mean the absolute worst company ever. And I buy lots of shoes on line for my wife and have never had a company dedicated to sticking it to the customer like these people. Wrong size, not what was advertize in the pic and they still make money. I should have found the customer reviews… Read more »

Do NOT order shoes from shoespie!! They are not worth the money, take weeks to come and quality is horrible! Things are crooked and glued together poorly!

I ordered three pairs of shoe in March 2016. I received one shipping notice but three separate shipments spaced out over a month. Each pair looked far different from the pictures on their website. Additionally the shoes are not well made AT ALL. The zipper of one shoe came of in my hand when I went to try it on. PLEASE SHUT THIS COMPANY DOWN. THIS SITE IS A TOTAL SCAM.
As for those claiming they loved the products, you’re either lying or tasteless. Either way, no one believes you.

i have the same feeling


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