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Last Updated On: November 17, 2016

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Business Name: KickSole
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12311 Shropshire Blvd
Austin, Texas 78753-7080 USA

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Company Contact: Elroy Smith - Owner
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Average Rating: 1.14 out of 5
Based On: 17 Reviews
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Reported Losses: $4,305.68
Average Reported Losses: $253.28

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A Scam - All I Get Is No Response

So after I received all my graduation money, I decided on buying myself a gift online. I previously ordered a pair of Bred 11’s from Kick Sole before in 2012. So I decided that it would be just as safe to buy my shoe from them again. On 5/24/14 I ordered a pair of size 7 Air Jordan Bred 1’s. I was ecstatic about receiving my confirmation email. Two days later, I got an email saying that the person in charge of shipping was no longer sending out Bred 1’s and said that I would get my money back.

The next day I got an odd email saying that I received an tracking number. It seemed valid at first considering it was linked to my order number. But throughout the day I noticed that the package wasn’t going nowhere near my shipping address. Turns out that the tracking number they provided me with was for another customer in Virginia. I emailed KickSole consistently throughout the day and week and got a response ever three days or so. They apologized and said that my shoes were already shipped and that they would find the appropriate tracking number.

Another week past and I got no such thing. I emailed them again asking for a refund and they responded saying that they have already giving me my refund. That turned out to be a lie because I was still missing $185 from my bank account. I constantly emailed them and even threatened them but all they kept saying was that they already have given me a refund. It is now 7/11/14 and to this day I still email them about five times a day about my refund but all I get is no response.

They have completely ignored me. This company should be shut down immediately. Purchase at your own risk. Not everyone will have the same experience. Moral of the story is, if you don’t have the shoes in stock, don’t leave the shoe available on your website.

Official Responses from

By: Elroy Smith On: February 3, 2014

This man who make this bad comment about my company. It’s not right. We shipped our shoe with in 10 business days and never charge any extra money.. And He is a chatter because he put this review here and them mail me and asking money for delete this review. And it’s not fare, please delete this review as soon as possible.

Thanks, Elroy Smith

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KickSole has and F rating with the BBB and is not an accredited company. Their website information is hidden from the public and their terms of use do not list a corporation that owns the website which is required by law.


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Is selling fake Js?

Exemplary arcade recreations were once played in a massive boxed molded machine that has an expansive video yield.

D**n I Was Finna Buy Some Kicks From There Now I’m Afraid

lol at all the jordab 3 doernbecher availaible

scammy as F

Getting read this I believed it was quite informative. I appreciate you taking the time and effort to put this enter together. I when already find myself spending design to a lot time both reading and commenting. Only so what, it was impassive worth it.

I just noticed the picture that is now posted here. This is not the picture the John Sterman sent to me. I am sure it is part of the same scam due the similarity of the stories, China, getting a large check, needs money, 2 year work contract, coming back to the states soon, son, no friends or family,German. If I could, I would post the picture I was given. I don’t know if either picture is of the actual person who did the scamming.

This Joe Venuto is the same guy who burned a pair of OG Concord 11 because he thought they were fake. Then finding out he is apart of gave me a new reason not to use that site. I guess my bf won’t get those Space Jams, or at least not from that site.

I was a about to get a pair sneakers from there

got my kicks today…100% authentic!!

seriously ??




No wonder why they got all the numbers they even got the he got game 13’s before they came out. fake a$$ busters. Thanks for the postings they would of got me too.

DAM you JOEEEEE make a youtube with your face you SCUM BAG! i wannt my bred 11 money back…

I bought true blue 3’s & space jams from a couple years ago, at first I thought they where legit but wasnt 100% sure, I put them in my stash to use them later on… I recently took the Space Jams out the box for the first time in over 2 years & the soles where yellowing alot & they had a funny glue smell to them… The true blue 3s Ive used but I’ve always felt they had a very minor defects compared to my other 3s… My point is that I just stumbled into via Sneakerfiles… Read more »

I was about to buy the 4 from the site but nvm

call your bank and have the charges reversed

I ordered the bred xis in December and just got them today. They came from China and look legit. Going to compare them to the pair I already have. Also, I had my bank reverse the charge so technically they were free.

I actually did get my sneakers but the y were fakes now hes telling me that I switched them and send him fakes. What a joke

how do you do that?

Wow I was about to order the Air joan 4 cav’s collerway size10.5 but good thing I found out you dont even get a tracking number.Even added them face book

How can we get a refund because I ordered a pair of Jordan Bred 11s for $289 Is 4000% fake, watch out for all the bullshit of dumbasses from out the city getting banged over there head with VERY GOOD FAKES.







This site is 100% fake, Dont be fooled by the set up and high prices. I am going to get JOE VENUTO shutdown and locked up. I better get my refund tomorrow!!!!!!

How do you get a refund?

So how do you get your money back from this fraud site.

Did you ever get your refund?


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