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A pair of shoes is a fun accessory to add to any outfit. Your style of shoes may change between social setting, season, and fashion. And a shoes obsession isn’t just for women. There are a number of men that take pride in having clean eye catching shoe accessories too.

There are an endless variety of shoes online and you can buy from a number of websites online as well. You can order a pair of shoes from a high volume shoe department store website, or you can order a pair of designer shoes from a more expensive website. You can buy shoes to wear around the yard or to a wedding.

If you order a pair of shoes from an international website than its best to make sure that you understand how to compare sizes internationally. American shoe sizes measure differently from European sizes. And just in case you are worried about ordering a pair of shoes that won’t fit its best to read the return policy in detail. Returns may be limited to a specific amount of time and may not be accepted if they feel the shoes were worn.

If you have ordered a pair of shoes online then the return policy may not be the only problem you may have experienced. Perhaps after you completed your order after the product arrived you found that you were sent the wrong shoe size. Or perhaps the shoe size is correct but the color is wrong. Maybe you were sent the wrong product all together. Or maybe the shoe sizes are mixed match with one size a half size larger or smaller than the other.

There are a number of problems you may have had when you ordered your shoes from shoe websites. If you have a shoe website you want to inform and warn others about then is your place to share your story. Help warn others what sites have given you trouble.

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