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Last Updated On: December 21, 2017

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Being paid to keep larger companies on top!

I have been living in Las Vegas for 21 years and the casinos dominate everything including the search engines and they don’t even us adwords to do so. MGM Grand is opening up a new arena that have been in the works for the past seven years or so with a number of proposals that have been sent in but MGM is the only one that is doing it now!

My problem is that I have had a website up since 2012 regarding this subject and when MGM announce that they were building a arena it was taken completely out of Google and I have yet to see it! And this is not the first time that this has happen to me!! I even have a state trademark that proves that I was the first person to use this Las Vegas Arena name that they are claiming to own and are trying to completely move me from all search engines!! If they were able to get the Trademark on this name, don’t you think they would have done so but they did not because they could not!!

Now they are paying off the search engines and trying to pay off the Trademark people to stop my national trademark from being registered! It’s really sad how people don’t do business honestly anymore! Here are some questions that I have…..Why does this AEG & MGM Resorts Partnership company have the first three positions when someone search the keywords Las Vegas Arena? They are not paying for these positions why are number 1,2 and 3 of the page? This is not fair to other companies is it? Why do they get the first 3 positions with the same website? Please cut this down to one and let other companies get some exposure.

I have a state trademark and a pending national registration trademark on the words (Las Vegas Arena), And please tell me why my website is not anywhere in your Google search and my business was taken out of the local Google my business section? Mgm-Wikipedia-Domination-adsPlease tell me why you guys don’t play fair when it comes to stuff like this? Why do certain companies get more privileges then others when it comes to Google searches? Can you please tell me why this is like it is?

I am sure Google has done this to other business as well and they think that they are too big to fail but just remember every dog has his day! – AEG & MGM Resorts 


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