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Internet CreatorsWhat would you be able to do on the internet without a search engine? Sure, you could still browse your favorite sites but it would be almost impossible to find new information, services, and businesses. Search engines are the backbone of the internet and everyone uses them.

So what could possibly go wrong with a search engine? There are a lot of complicated privacy concerns when it comes to what information a search engine like Google can take from your connection and your computer. Sometimes, a search engine can outright fail to work properly or give you results you specifically told it not to show. This can be important when you are working with younger kids and something inappropriate pops up on the screen. If a search engine promises it can filter information for a parent or teacher, it better be able to do just that!

Of course, the every day person thinks they do not have any way of speaking out and making a difference when it comes to problems they have had with search engines. Here at Complaint List, you can file a claim right now expressing any problems you have had. Even if it’s just to express your opinion about privacy issues and data collection, Complaint List is here for you, the consumer, to do just that. Complaint List is the way to propel your voice to millions of other consumers who use the internet every day. This service gives power back to the public.

If you have anything to say about search engines, don’t hesitate to file a claim with Complaint List today. The more that people voice their opinions about search engines, the more powerful the complaints will become. The public can change the way businesses operate and a search engine is no different!

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