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Finding a home or apartment online for buying or renting can be a challenge.  While there are many great sites that help streamline the process, all of the bad sites out there certainly detract from the experience.  If you’ve had an experience with a bad real estate website, then you know quite well all of the things that can go wrong.  From misleading ads to stolen money, real estate websites can be guilty of many different things.  If you’ve been hurt by a real estate website, don’t hesitate to file a complaint today!

Misleading Ads

Misleading ads can be some of the most frustrating things about using a real estate website.  Were you lured in by an ad, only to find yourself somewhere you did not want to be?  Or, did the ad encourage you to give out information or pay for a product or service that wasn’t legitimate?  Whatever your case may be, filing with is a great way to start getting resolution.  Or, if it’s too late for resolving the issue, you can at least warn others so they don’t go down the same path.


Some real estate websites are just fronts for scams and other fraudulent activities.  If you have been a victim of fraud or some other type of scam through a real estate website, it’s your duty to inform others.  If you don’t, they might end up falling for the same scam that reeled you in.  Plus, when you start sharing your story, you might be surprised how many other people have had similar experiences.  Once someone starts the dialogue, many other people are likely to join in.  Together you may even be able to have the issue investigated by the authorities.

Whatever your issue with real estate websites is, be sure to file a complaint on in order to see the offending website come to an end!  Don’t hesitate; file today!

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