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There are a large number of websites where you can look for either pets or pet supplies. You can visit a number of sites looking for a new four-legged friend to add to your family or accessories to keep your pet occupied and out of trouble. If you are looking for a new pet to add then you can look at a number of pet store sites, or you can look at pet shelter websites, or check your local humane society website.
If your short term dream is to find the perfect pet to complete your family then there are a number of websites that allow you to browse animals just waiting for a home. Animal shelters have lots of animals ready to join a loving family but if you want something specific you can also look for animal breeders. Animal websites however may not provide you with accurate information about a specific pet you plan on adopting.

You may find an animal on a website advertised as shy but loving only to find that the animal is terrified of humans and only comes out of the corner or closet when he feels no one is looking. You may feel angered that your family pet isn’t as family orientated as the website had advertized it. If there was trauma in the animals past that may be important and vital information that was neglected just so the animal could be adopted.

There may be other information that may be vitally important about the animal that the website doesn’t share. Perhaps the animal has a disease or leukemia. The website may state they have a policy regarding providing known medical problems with an animal but perhaps they are not forthcoming with the information unless specifically asked. Perhaps they also make a selling point by stating that their animals are micro-chipped but later you find that it isn’t true.

Adopting a pet online may not be your only concern. There are also pet websites that provide pet accessories as well. You may have a cat or dog who loves to chew cords and you may buy a product online that you can spray or wrap around a cord to stop chewing but it may not stop the pet at all. Your pet may even like the taste of the product and the chewing is encouraged rather than discouraged.

Perhaps you have bought a pet shampoo to help relieve skin irritation or kill and prevent flees but maybe your animal has an allergic reaction or it causes hair loss. When you try to return the product are you told that because the product was used it cannot be refunded or returned? Do you argue with customer service about their return policy or about specific wording that is vague or misleading?

Have you ordered a product from a pet website that was cheap or broken? Did they charge you for a product that you never received? Have you tried to cancel an order and struggled to have the order actually canceled?

If you have pet website complaints then please share them here at We want to know which sites should be avoided and why. You’ll feel better knowing you’ve helped warn other pet owners from bad pet websites.

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