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Last Updated On: September 23, 2017

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Business Name: Montgomery Ward Inc
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1112 7th Ave
Monroe, Wisconsin 53566 USA

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Phone Number: 877-784-2836
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Is Montgomery Ward a Scam, Rip Off, or Fraud? WARN OTHER CONSUMERS By Sharing

Sloppy and negligent Credit Check

Someone other than me, Paul Morrison, opened and account in my name and purchased $559.00 in product from Montgomery Ward. I have been on the Reporting Agencies Fraud Alert database for 4+ years.

I told this to the rep when I called to inquire about the purchase notification. The Montgomery Ward rep told me that they had, in fact, checked the Fraud Alert.

When I pressed even further, she rechecked and discovered that Montgomery Ward HAD NOT checked the Fraud Alert. System.

The shipment was redirected and returned to the Montgomery Ward facility. No one from Ward’s informed me of the ‘redirection’. And I received a statement requesting payment for this purchase.

Most Recent Reviews

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Montgomery Ward & Co Inc - 535 West Chicago Ave 3rd Fl Chicago IL 60671 | 312-467-3962 | Montgomery Ward Retail Company


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