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Last Updated On: January 12, 2018

Contact Information

Business Name: Inc
Corporate Address:
381 Park Ave S
New York, New York 10016 USA

Customer Service

Phone Number: 212-405-4011
Corp Email:
Company Contact: Deepak Agarwal - Founder, CEO
Corp Website:


Average Rating: 1.28 out of 5
Based On: 62 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 99

Damage Reports

Reported Losses: $63,969.86
Average Reported Losses: $1,031.77

Most Recent Complaint

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Choxi is Just Like All The Rest!

Looks like I was suckered just like the rest…..Placed an order from Choxi for a TV wall mount in JUNE. Called customer service in JULY, got no where. Figured order hadn’t gone through for some reason.

Now it is NOVEMBER, the thing showed up on my doorstep (Or at least what was left of it.) I got part of the original box and a few random pieces tossed in a post office box. Emailed 5 times, each one over 24 hours apart with no response. Tried calling customer Service only to find “Office is closed”….Really?!?! its NOON!!

Choxi sure put on a good front “We care about our customers etc etc etc” and sure can send out promotional emails every darn day!

Reading through this site earlier today it’s reading just like a bad book with them.


Now I can’t even get their main site to open!

Official Responses from Choxi

By: Customer Care Representative On: October 5, 2016

Response From – Customer Care Representative

To our valued customer,

We are so sorry to hear about the trouble with your order. At Choxi, nothing is more important than a perfect shopping experience. Our customer relations team is around 24/7, to help resolve your issue with our “Make It Great Guarantee” Policy. We can’t promise we are perfect, but what we do promise under our “Make It Great” guarantee is that we will diligently resolve your issue and aim to turn you in to a raving fan!

To help us fix this issue for you, could you please e-mail us your order number & details at : ? We promise to get back to you within a maximum of 24 hours with a superb solution.

We look forward to hearing from you and resolving this for you. Again, sorry for the inconvenience.

Always here to help!
Customer Relations
Choxi – Everything You Love, For Less.

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I just received an email in my spam folder from They must have acquired Choxi’s email list of customers. Look in your spam folders and you may have the same email. You are receiving this email because you were a customer of (formerly nomorerack) and, as you may or may not know, Choxi was forced to declare bankruptcy in 2016. jClub was founded by a former Choxi supplier and aims to bring you the same great deals you’ve always loved but with added customer-friendly policies, bigger discounts, and a more personalized shopping experience. Luckily, I didn’t have any… Read more »

I am also out a couple hundred. I had a credit coming plus I was also trying to get them to answer for additional items that I never received. It’s a real shame that they are going to get away with not honoring all this money owed to consumers. has filed for bankruptcy & they owe me $57.00 credit & they do not answer their phones. owes me $57.00 from a return & now I just learned they filed for bankruptcy. No one from Choxi has returned my calls. 212-302-3580 New York office & CA 818-906-8300. .

I ordered a couple of soundbars from choxi. Never received them. Now there site is down so I can’t contact them. So I’m not very happpy. Just thought I would add to the list of complaints. All I can say is, if they are still operating, don’t use them.

I’m out 25.00 for a store credit I’ll never be able to use. Sad, makes you leary about ever ordering online

I returned something and they gave me a credit. I tried to order something only to find out there is no more Choxi. Out $55.00 :)
Judy B.

Same with me out 25.00

Ordered from Choxi on 07/16/2016 and never received the order. I sent an email on 09/01/2016 asking for an explanation. I received a response on 09/11/2016 apologizing and offering a cancellation, which I accepted, and issued me a store credit of $55.00, with additional free shipping on future orders. When I finally decided to check and see if there was anything new, I find that they are out of business. This all appears to be a dead end with no foreseeable solution!

I guess I don’t feel as bad since I’m reading $300 loss just below…..I lost over $200….loved this site and should have read the warning signs….just kept ordering and ordering….and they kept promising and promising……..”always here to help”….yeah, right. I still want my stuff !!

Choxi owes me 42.00 since September 2016. Sure hope this gets cleared up.

I had placed an order sometime middle of last year. They took my money, but the order never came. I contacted them and they said it wasn’t up to them for when shipments were shipped out, but I could cancel my order if I wanted to. I went ahead and cancelled my order, but they did not refund me money. They gave me store credit. I never used the credit, because I didn’t see anything at the time I wanted. Today, I went to look if they had anything new that I might want to use my credit on. What?… Read more »

one of the unlucky ones, ordered in October, never shipped but they got the money

I guess I was one of the lucky ones. I placed an order and after one month and it had not shipped, I emailed and got a response that the order will ship within 5 days. Waited and on the 6th day still had not shipped. I request a refund and got a refund for just one of the items. I emailed customer service and made them aware I had not been refunded for ever item ordered. They offed to give me store credit instead of a refund, and I refused. They finally refunded my money. Now I see why.

Lost $130-140 store credit from returned item.

Company Contact: Deepak Agarwal – Founder, CEO—–get new credit card numbers everyone.

they need to be turned in to the better business bureau,,and everyone change your credit card numbers,they have them.

they do not credit money back,it is all closed forever the the creeps have moved.Closed months ago.

I ordered a breadspread last March, never got it. They said I would get it . . NEVER> Now they owe me and went out of business.They owe everyone. Store closed.The owner, went back to Irac.He had that kind of a name. The creep!!!
The site has been closed since last Sept for sure. No Such site anymore on the internet.He made his money.

i had $200 credit on unshipped ordrs. is site closed ?

jumping in here late….Choxi stopped replying to me after continuing to tell me to be patient…Everything went down the drain Nov/Dec and I still had several items outstanding. They were lagging more and more sending my orders, then not at all….around a $200 loss; I kept trying to believe in them and that matters would straighten out again (like with Nomorerack)….everyone was very nice, but game playing had also entered the picture as they were flying the coop. I really liked them….very disheartened what they did…still wanted to believe in them.

I ordered stuff on Jul 8th and never got my order! I kept calling them and they said its back ordered. Now I call and the number is disconnected!

Am waiting for 4 orders From October and hope someone will contact me and say something about it.

I ordered some Jewellery in August 2016 worth $52 but did not receive them.I waited until September end and mailed the customer zen desk.They refunded my money but since then there were some app issues for me and I could not order using my credited amount.That amount was credited to me on the third cancellation of the order that could not be delivered to me consecutively since July stating various reasons.I have been a customer of No more rack since 2014 and ever since it has changed its name to choxi itz services have become poor and not reliable.Now I… Read more »

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