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Reported Losses: $4,589.89
Average Reported Losses: $111.95

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3rd Kindle Died...

I am writing this review of the Fire Tablet with Alexa 7” display 8 GB.

On March 16th 2016 I bought a new Kindle for $53 I am a student and on a limited budget but I used my Kindle for school.

On August 2016 the Kindle died, the battery just overheated it was warm to the touch, so I called Amazon and they said they would send me a new one.

A few days later the 2nd kindle appeared.

On November 29th this kindle overheated and I called amazon again. Well, the warranty has expired (it only lasts for three months) but you can buy another one for $10 and send us your old one. I use my Kindle a lot so I bought a new one for $10.

Then on March 14 2016 the 3rd kindle overheated. I called amazon again and they said, sorry but we can’t do anything about it, I asked them what I was supposed to do with a dead kindle and they said well you can sell it back for 5 dollars.

When I asked to speak to their supervisor they put me on hold for a while then the supervisor hung up on me.

Now, almost exactly a year later I have gone through three kindles each one had the same malfunction, they all overheated after about 3 months and now it’s my fault I am out $50 because Amazon’s 2015 kindle has a production flaw and the batteries overheat.

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THIS IS THE AMAZON WAY OF SHIPPING. They tell me when it’s coming and I take time off from work to be there for it, right up until the last minute they still say it will be there by 8:00 pm, next morning it’s still not here and delivery is changed to days later. This is an on going tactic that Amazon uses to try an force people onto Amazon Prime, they purposely slow shipping to non Prime orders to try and get you to pay more next time. This is just a scam to boost their profits. It’s my… Read more »

Please help!
So my husband’s account got hacked back in January and the thief sent themselves a £75 voucher. We contacted Amazon and was told we would get reimbursed in approx 4 days . We are now in march and several phone calls later still waiting for money. We have been told that we have to get a form from the bank but our bank says they cannot get involved as Amazon has started the process. Please just give us our money back-to-back wasn’t our fault but your security system !

So I bought two items and waited for two days and nothing, then all of a sudden I receive an email from the vendor that ooops we made a mistake; by now the other deal I was looking at was gone. So I spent 2 hours with their rep overseas (Cebu) I believe and boy was she rude; even the supervisor was nasty; so when I asked for an answer from the USA this is what I got. (Now I might be wrong but I just don’t think this was from the USA) “Best regards, Lourdumary X.” just doesn’t sound… Read more »

You should have checked your local planning first instead of whinging that Amazon didn’t pay for the delivery of a very heavy item when the situation was created by your own incompetence.

yes , i had issue .. i posted to several forums , couple of them respond but there is a site , it called and followed u with customer service on my behalf and got my money refunded. Its a great team .

I have never had a single problem with Amazon.. They have gone above and beyond for me.. I am sorry your experience was not as good..

Really? That’s insane I will never shop at amazon again thank you for this post.


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