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Last Updated On: September 13, 2017

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Business Name: Iziget Technology Co Limited
Corporate Address:
5208 149 St NW
Edmonton, Alberta USA

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Phone Number: 780-800-7160
Corp Email:
Company Contact: Wu Dan - Resgistrant
Corp Website:


Average Rating: 1.13 out of 5
Based On: 38 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 65

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Reported Losses: $3,369.10
Average Reported Losses: $88.66

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I placed an order a few weeks ago for 4 bundles of curly hair in a dirty blonde. After just one day I notice that the hair started become matted and tangles at the ends. When I combed it, a lot of hair came out. And then like an hour later it was bunched up and tangled again.

After a week of having it in. I washed it at home. Deep conditioned it for 45 minutes and being very delicate with the hair. Even still it was extremely hard to comb. And when I blew dry it and Enormous amount of hair came out.

I have been wearing weaves and extensions for over 10 years and I HAVE NEVER experienced such Poor Quality Of Hair. I would not recommend this company to anyone! I don’t even think is real hair!

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Additional Website and Company Info for Iziget Technology Co Limited: | Huan Yuan Street, 2-16, Mong Kok, Kowloo Hong Kong China 999077 | +852.85230696245


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this company offers terrible products and service. The website looks good with all the starts but you cant actually submit a review. They have it focred on 5 star rating. Buyer be ware as they just want your money

This company is impossible to deal with. late delivery of over 40 days. A human hair wig was ordered. the wig that arrived was nothing like the wig ordered nor was the color even close. quality was very poor. 7 day refund doesn’t exist. I have had numerous emails to receive a confirmation number to mail back. I mailed package back to Edmonton Alberta address off website I emailed copy of return information, photos of wig ordered and wig sent to me and mail tracking number Box was returned to me unopened collect. I spoke to a representative in Edmonton… Read more »

It’s been about a month, I got nothing. The extentions were for my daughters birthday which is now over. They have jerk ed me around repeatedly online and today they said they will send them again. They are lying and they are scammed like zulily,, and tb dress. WHAT I DON’T UNDERSTAND IS, WITH ALL THE COMPLAINTS I HAVE JUST READ TOO LATE ON GOOGLE, WHY IS PAYPAL ALLOWING THEM TO USE THEIR SITE! I WILL BE CALLING THEM TOMORROW. OUTRAGEOUS!

I had my data stolen in one of the many hacks out there. They were one of the unauthorized purchases, I contacted them in less than 1 hour after it happened. They first tried to make excuses that the order was legitimate, then fell silent. I have referred them over to the FBI and Scotland Yard as possibly involved in criminal stolen data activities. Stay away from them. Far away.

Please do not order from Hair Extension. They shipped me hair that had lice. When I opened the package and combed the hair I noticed lice. This is a public health concern and absolutely shameful for an alleged business to do this. I completely threw away this disgraceful product. Beware of this again alleged company.

I ordered hair extensions after receiving a horrible mullet/block chop hair cut on 1/29/14. And the only way to fix it is with extensions. I choose the fastest shipping method (2-4 days) I received an order confirmation but never received a shipping confirmation. When I called it would go straight to an answering machine. I left several messages and emailed them but never heard from them. I put a stop on the payment because that of course was charged to my card ASAP. Today (2/10) I received the extensions in the mail. I’m happy I finally got them but in… Read more »

I ordered extensions through this website and needed them by a certain date. Their website says 2-4 days for ship time and I chose the fastest shipping method. When I tracked my order it still said processing and I contacted them, they said the handling time is 7 days extra on top of that because they didn’t have it in stock. Who does that? Now they’re saying 7 days for my refund…garbage website. Steer clear.

For everyone here, I would recommend the live customer support. It was very helpful to me. Just make sure you ask detailed questions, They’re real people.

Really happy with the service and product I received, hair was slightly darker but with some silver shampoo I got it right is defiantly 100% indian remy hair curls and straightens all 11 pieces were there, they must have sorted there act out!

Thank you so much for sharing your experiences. I was able to cancel my order just before it shipped out. I too experienced terrible customer service and delayed shipping. I called then everyday and online chatted/emailed them everyday twice a day. I was only when i decided to cancel that they called me and i was finally able to talk to someone but by then they had lost me. They insisted i try the product and send it back if i dont like it, but I did not have the patience nor the resources. i lost 30 bucks dur to… Read more »

I ordered a set of strawberry blonde hair extensions and was upset when I saw that they had been sent from China. The hair has a funny, chemical smell and when I contacted the company about it, they wouldn’t say what it was. Suggested that I wait and the smell would go away. It has been several weeks of airing them out and they still smell funny. I won’t wear them and would never order from this company again.

Agree!!! mine smell bad too! I got the tape in ones and they all fell out within 2 hours. I called them and it just rang over and over again. THis company is def. not legit!

My daughter ordered these and what a bad idea that was! Barbie Hair! not real hair. SCAM!!!

I have ordered from this site multiple times in the past. They use to be very good, and on time. Not anymore. It use to only take about a week for them to register my order and then after that 2-3 days to ship it out so a week an a half I would usually have my hair. No not anymore. Don’t even bother paying for express shipping because they will give you the ring around saying oh you paid for 1-3 day delivery but that’s after the fact it goes through our systems and we make sure we have… Read more »

How long did it take to get your money back ?

I ordered my extensions from this company last August, I bought platinum blonde, 7 piece 18". I planned to color them red. I was only 15 and didn’t have much money, so I got the lowest shipping I could. I waited about 3 weeks for my extensions and when they finally came I was ecstatic. I heat tested them, perfect. I then colored them and they went to just the right color to match my hair. I cut them to blend them in with my hair and I’ve been styling, dying, and wearing them on a daily basis ever since.… Read more »

CRAPP!!!! I Ordered from this website… and I am reading all these bad reviews and now I am so worried!!!!!! ): I hope I get good extensions! D: oh no!!!!!

I just ordered mine 2 days ago and im scared shitless….do i wait or do i call paypal and cancel????

received a set of clip ins today. i paid for rush delivery ($12) they came in time but its NOT REAL HAIR! it doesnt even curl.. im so **** off. no one will pick up my calls from the company either… im going to do the best i can to get my $80 back because this is ridiculous.

I’ve returned some extensions, It’s been 5 weeks , no one will answer the phones or return the calls or emails . I’ve chalk it up as a learning experience, never trust a company you’ve never check on or heard of …This place should be shut down …

I ordered the Remy Brazilian Body Waves #2 and got it in time and the color matched perfectly. I had it in by cornrow weavings. The texture was soft and the waves was nice. But once I washed it, the waves were gone. It has been 2 weeks and the hair is now really dry and tangled up really bad. I can’t even curl it anymore and it sheds like crazy. For this price, I guess they are only suppose to last 2 weeks.

This company shouldnt even be open.. they suck …. bad customer service, product isnt even virgin hair. The shipping took almost 4 weeks when they had told me is would only take 4-7 bussiness days. i wanted a refund and their was no way of reaching them.. if you dont believe try calling the number on their website… FAKE!!! no one will answer u….There website looks legit thats what got me dont fall for their bs.. I wish i would have done more reseach before i had purchased from them.

I ordered 2 bundles of 12 in virgin brazilin hair on April 19th, today is May 3rd, I have not received it yet. I will never order from this company again.

to all who have dealt with beware!!! i told me husband to order me some extensions for my birthday, he got them fine and in time but of course they were the wrong size:(! we had no order number or anything so i called and asked if we could do an exchange, they said yes but we would have to pay for the shipping all the way to china. we sent them back on march 25 a week goes by we dont receive an email or anything, so i try to get ahold of them by phone OFFLINE? wtf?!… Read more »
I ordere 2 sets of extensions1 was 26 inch 10 clip set and 1 36 inch long weft. I actualy canceled my oreder due to all the bad reviews, and recieved no reply. then 3 days later i recieved an email saying they wer shipped. I again emailed them saying that I canceled my order. Again, no reply. The phone number is down so I could not speak to anyone. Irecieved them yesterday and they are the wrong color, and the set that was supposed to be the clips, donot have clips in them. I called my credit card company… Read more »

I odered mine and dyed them could i do the same?

I ordered hair extensions. They were the thinnest skimpiest extensions I have ever seen. The website said you can return them, but when I called they said I needed to take photos etc etc and wouldn’t take them back. Don’t buy from this company! It’s a total rip-off.

I ordered hair from them a week ago and I was very scared because of all of the bed reviews but for my surprise, the the color and the hair texture are much better the all of the other hair I have purchased in the past. it exceeded my expectations!!! I love the extensions

NEVER AGAIN!! I juat recieved mine a fue hours ago. Orderd Sunday April14 & got them Weds April17. I got outside there in my mailbox all crumbled up in the white bag (1) horrible packaging. I take them out with the paper (2) from F-ing China when they said from USA. I feel them and they felt real and soft. So i take everything out and i test & the,strands burn to my curling iron(3) & wont curl!! Says Indian Remy human hair ha okay? My family is Indian and there hair curls but the extentions dont? What the heck!… Read more »

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