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Last Updated On: December 20, 2017

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Business Name: Scout Media Inc
Corporate Address:
12301 Whitewater Dr.
Minnetonka, Minnesota USA

Customer Service

Company Contact: James Heckman - CEO, Founder, Director
Corp Website:


Average Rating: 1.42 out of 5
Based On: 59 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 125

Damage Reports

Reported Losses: $12,703.96
Average Reported Losses: $215.32

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Is National Home Gardening Club a Scam, Rip Off, or Fraud? WARN OTHER CONSUMERS By Sharing

Sad Gardener

I became a Life member in 2010. Enjoyed the tools and other products that they sent for reviews, I sent back my feedback but never heard back from anyone.

I think I only received about 3 trails but then they stopped.

I tried to contact them left messages but never heard back.

This is not the way to run a business. I’m very disappointed as I’m out a lot of money.

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Received a life membership 02/1997 I have not heard from or received my magazines. What is going on is this another scam how do I receive compensation from them?

I joined this club in 2011 as a life member, got one item to try, then they seemed to disappear. Very disappointing as it was not exactly money that I could “waste” on a scam.

Life Member Scam Complaint Filed By: Barbara Nelson. On: December 13, 2017. Reported Losses of $350.00. I joined in February of 2008. I was wondering why I had not heard anything from them. How can I get my money back.

i never forgot about it. i just wondered why the magazines stopped. been a member since 2007

I forgot about this “club” until today when I found my life member card dated Feb 2009. I luckily did get some tools and mags from them before they went under. I sort of wonder if they were operating like a pyramid scheme and they finally ran out of new members.
Anyhow the tools were of very poor quality and several fell apart or broke within a few uses. Even the bag that was supposed to hold the tools fell apart.

I became a premier life member in 04/2011. I’ve purchased books and did a few evaluations of tools. I would never hear anything back after an evaluation. I haven’t received a magazine in years. Life member doesn’t mean much. I am not sure at this time how much money I paid out to them — enough. So what is the story on this organization?

I took a LIfetime membership many years ago. But since 2004, I have not received any information or magazines from them.

I paid for a Lifetime membership with National Home Gardening Club in 2010. Received several tools as offered but then nothing. No letters, offers, etc. Can’t find any info on the club either. Looks like it transitioned into an entity called Scout. What happened? Scout doesn’t seem to have any connection to gardening. Looks like I paid a lifetime membership for a couple of tools and a bag that most stores give away for free. I’d just like to know what happened and if National Home Gardening club still exists.

What has become of the National Home Gardening Club? I am life member, but have heard nothing from them or of them in months. Are they shut down and out of business now? Finding lots of similar complaints online but no actual information or facts. Can anyone tell all of us what is going on?

I joined in 2006 as a lifetime member. I now know why I haven’t had a magazine since Summer 2014. Very sad. Paid full membership at the time. Out a chunk of change. Member #70366406

I became a life member in September of 1996. I received stickers & a tool to test. There use to be a magazine, but no more. My card says on the front Life Member number 700023885. On the back it says “This card designates the member who name appears above as a Life Member of the Nationa Home Gardening Club and is entitled to all privileges and benefits of membership _ .Gardening How-To magazine with Club News .Free Product Give-Aways .Free product testing opportunities and reports .And much, much more! Life Membership status and privileges are non-transferable. Refer to your… Read more »

I was a life-member since 1/5 11 and have all the same complaints of those listed here. We should all get a refund of our life time membership since we were never notified of any changes etc. No newsletter, which we were committed to for info. New owners should have committed to providing members with what they subscribed to. Member no. at that time -70014886

II paid $250 for a life membership too and have not received 1/8th of what they promised. Ripped off royally. Was never selected to test any products so never received anything even though i sent my name in multiple times. Contact info on this site is Scout Media Holdings Inc. and CEO James Heckman. Interesting info online on james Heckman. in Minnesota. BBB in Minnesota shows Scout Media Holdings Inc. filing for chapter 11 bankruptcy in DECEMBER 2016. This is reorganization. So where have they been for the last 3 years? (that is about when i stopped receiving the magazine.)… Read more »

I became a life member over 10 years ago. I was getting the magazines up until they stopped coming back in 2012. What happened?
Karen St John
525 Shelton Drive
Columbia, SC 29212
Member #70199290

I joined with a life membership, i seen another company with the same emblem going by a different name if you type in their name. growbox by the garden


I too became a lifetime member in January 2010. I received a bag with tools and the magazine, suddenly it has all stopped. Am wondering if anything can be done to retrieve the money spent on membership? As I can see and read everyone has the same complaint, it’s a shame that companies will do this and the consumer has to accept it and take it as a loss. I will be more careful in the future when approached with a ” lifetime membership” with any organization as it seems a lifetime is pretty short lived in some instances. VERY… Read more »

I became a Life Member in 5/2011. I never received a magazine but received 2 books, witch I paid over $159.00. I received 2 trials but nothing since then. Buyer beware! Even gardening clubs will rip you off. Very dissatisfied!

I joined the lifetime membership in 2001. Paid $223.00 in monthly installments. I did receive a trowel and bag with shovel, and shears. I could’ve paid less than $200.00 for them all. The number has been since disconnected, and several attempts to contact them via snail mail to no avail. Highly disappointed, and will never do anything like this in the future.

I have been a lifetime member #70105261 9 for years. Not sure what year joined, 2002? My last magazine was in 2008. I paid around $300 to join, not sure exactly. They wanted more $ to up grade my lifetime membership, I said no, then the magazines stopped coming.I enjoyed the magazine and bought tools from them. Very disappointed.

I’M a life member since 2009. I bought everything and was getting a magazine. It has stopped.

I paid for a lifetime membership $300.00, received the bag and tools and a few magazines and then nothing. Such a rip off.

The Gardening Club is gone. Scout (CBS Sports) deleted the webpages.

I seen you on the gardening club website. It is gone, gone or did people go some place else. I was there about two weeks ago, then it was just sports. I guess it was low user volume, but with no notice just gone.

Yep. I lost $100.00 on this scam. I did get a garden bag, 6 tools, some seeds and access to their website for 6 months. Perhaps they just couldn’t keep their head above water. Uncle Sam can take a big bite out of small businesses. They should have kept their website open though.

I got my garden bag and a few free items to try out but nothing for years..Probably the first 2years if even that I heard anything, haven’t gotten magazine since around 2009..This is very sad, paid my membership trusting them..

I became a member about 2003 enjoyed the magazine. Was just thinking I hadn’t received a magazine in a long time. now I no. I guess it was a RIP! Moral Don’t buy Lifetime Membership!


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