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Last Updated On: July 24, 2017

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Business Name: Scout Media Inc
Corporate Address:
12301 Whitewater Dr.
Minnetonka, Minnesota USA

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National Home Gardening ClubCompany Contact: James Heckman - CEO, Founder, Director
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Average Rating: 1.42 out of 5
Based On: 59 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 101

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Reported Losses: $12,703.96
Average Reported Losses: $215.32

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Sad Gardener

I became a Life member in 2010. Enjoyed the tools and other products that they sent for reviews, I sent back my feedback but never heard back from anyone.

I think I only received about 3 trails but then they stopped.

I tried to contact them left messages but never heard back.

This is not the way to run a business. I’m very disappointed as I’m out a lot of money.

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The Gardening Club is gone. Scout (CBS Sports) deleted the webpages.

Yep. I lost $100.00 on this scam. I did get a garden bag, 6 tools, some seeds and access to their website for 6 months. Perhaps they just couldn’t keep their head above water. Uncle Sam can take a big bite out of small businesses. They should have kept their website open though.

I became a member about 2003 enjoyed the magazine. Was just thinking I hadn’t received a magazine in a long time. now I no. I guess it was a RIP! Moral Don’t buy Lifetime Membership!

I’ve been a life member of the National Home gardening Club since 2011, I like others on here, in the beginning was receiving gardening tools and the magazine, I loved it, THEN all of a sudden it all stopped !!!! I was scammed out of $500.00, that I didn’t really have, they received soooo much money from many people. I’d like to know if there is anyway to sue these liars, scammers, frauds, and get my money back!!! I’ve been trying to contact them, with no results.

I remember so well how excited I was to receive my bag of tools. This Garden Club sent me. way back in 1997. I gathered the payments faithfully like a fool that I feel now. I gave this company LOTS of money. All they gave me were promises ! What sneaks and low llfe people. They promised trying out new products. Never once did I get an opportunity. The magazines came and then of a sudden stopped no communication to there site. They just vanished/ they took our money and ran. Does any one know if we can file a… Read more »

Member #70049762…paid to be a lifetime member in 7/97 …..very dissatisfied & disappointed to find out they have sold out

I have been a life member since 2008, no more magazines, emails, all stopped without notice. What’s the deal?!?! I haven’t been able to find the website to complain to them. Are they out of business and what becomes of my membership?? This is terrible and I want a refund!!!

I have been a life member since January 2002, member number 70218600. What has happened. to my magazines? Has the company gone out of business? Will they honor the commitment they made to their membership? What’s the deal?

I want to know why my magazines stopped. I’ve been a life time member for 24 years.

Have also had lifetime membership and no magazine for years miss the magazine.

I also paid over 300.00 dollars to become a lifetime member. My 4 # 70289732.
So I just found out, They sold out, so what happens now, I have been a member since 2005,or so I thought, can’t people trust in anything anymore. Email me please someone and let me know know what do if anything at all, it should be against the law to do this. What has everyone else done?

I too have been a life member since 2009. I too would like to know why i have not gotten a magazine since 2010.

I joined the National Home Gardening Club in 2000 as a life member. I haven’t received anything from them in years…I can’t even remember the last time I received their magazine. Like so many others who have submitted a complaint here, I was taken. :-(

2005, also the History Channel Club – both life memberships… what more can I add…

I too joined National Home Gardening club around August of 2000. I was so thrilled to be a life member and paid between 250 to 300 dollars. For the last 8 years I have not received 1 magazine from them. I have lived at the same address 28 years. All the promises went up in smoke and all there promises ended up lies. I really would like my money back. Lifetime was that the life span of a fly or my lifetime? Well so much for lifetime

I joined as a life member in September 1996. I use to receive the magazine & even got to review a product. Companies who do this sort of thing should have to pay for the scamming of customers. Obviously, they meant the life-time of their company & not mine. It would has been nice to receive a letter in the mail letting members know that due to financial problems, they would not be sending the magazine or products to test anymore. I was member #70012884.

Member since2003 but haven’t received magazine etc. In at least 2 years. Hounded me for payment then nothing in return.Don’t join.Take money and talk to a local nursery or extension. Who do we ‘hound’ for services???

I joined as a lifetime member in 1989 and made payments of over $200. When I joined I got a bag of tools, some of which I still use today. I received their How To magazine until 2008. I am disappointed that the lifetime membership meant their lifetime, and not mine!

I want a refund . I joined as a life member. This would buy a lot of flowers. You people are a rip off.

I became a lifetime member, paid the my $200.00 and all I got was books that cost anywhere from $20 to $30 dollars every month. How many garden, recipe books can a girl need? I never got any trial offers at all. For their magazines and offers but when I called and complained about the fact that I didn’t want any more books wanted trial offers, I got nothing. They take your money and you get screwed. Do t waste your money, it is a rip off.

Joined in 2010… was good for a while but magazine stopped and no products to review for over 2 years. Lifetime membership was obviously bogus….$200.00….gone. Guess I will just frame my card….Never found anyone to honor discounts either….

Against my better judgment, I paid life membership in 2008, figuring the magazine would be worth it over time. Received a few average tools, and magazines continued for a year or two, then all I got from them was advertising for products to buy. Eventually, all mailings stopped. When I checked to see if they had my correct address, all I found was this complaint forum. Guess “lifetime” meant whatever they said it did.

Margaret F. Snodgrass

I became a lifetime member in 1997 and I received books until 2016 when I had a house fire.. Since November 2016 I have received nothing I have tried calling but to no avail. I was one of the first life members and I would like some one to address this matter. Please start sending my magazines to my new address.

Scam – Fraud – Thiefs
Lifetime member 2011 April – $250 -for the first year their were items and a magazine. Nothing since that time – it would be wonderful if someone could investigate and a get a give back to us folks.
I can honestly say I searched it back when before being scammed in joining and the reviews where not there.

Yep they took me for about 250.00 also. got a few tools and emails for about a year, and now POOF nothing

I guess I got scammed too. I don’t think I have received a magazine in a couple years. Telephone number on my life membership papers is no longer good. So thought I’d check on their website. Guess I am among all of those who paid for life membership, and no longer am receiving copies. Really bummed.


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