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Last Updated On: April 21, 2017

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Business Name: Scout Media Inc
Corporate Address:
12301 Whitewater Dr.
Minnetonka, Minnesota USA

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National Home Gardening ClubCompany Contact: James Heckman - CEO, Founder, Director
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Average Rating: 1.42 out of 5
Based On: 59 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 79

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Reported Losses: $12,703.96
Average Reported Losses: $215.32

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Sad Gardener

I became a Life member in 2010. Enjoyed the tools and other products that they sent for reviews, I sent back my feedback but never heard back from anyone.

I think I only received about 3 trails but then they stopped.

I tried to contact them left messages but never heard back.

This is not the way to run a business. I’m very disappointed as I’m out a lot of money.

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Margaret F. Snodgrass

I became a lifetime member in 1997 and I received books until 2016 when I had a house fire.. Since November 2016 I have received nothing I have tried calling but to no avail. I was one of the first life members and I would like some one to address this matter. Please start sending my magazines to my new address.

Scam – Fraud – Thiefs
Lifetime member 2011 April – $250 -for the first year their were items and a magazine. Nothing since that time – it would be wonderful if someone could investigate and a get a give back to us folks.
I can honestly say I searched it back when before being scammed in joining and the reviews where not there.

Yep they took me for about 250.00 also. got a few tools and emails for about a year, and now POOF nothing

I guess I got scammed too. I don’t think I have received a magazine in a couple years. Telephone number on my life membership papers is no longer good. So thought I’d check on their website. Guess I am among all of those who paid for life membership, and no longer am receiving copies. Really bummed.

I too paid $250.00 to join this club as a life.time member Due to illness I stopped gong to the website and as I was cleaning out my drawer I came across my life time membership card and to the website to check it out and like everyone else I got noithing. It’s a shame that companies can get away with doing what these people have don.

A few clicks of a button and I found this web site.

I, like many others paid about $200.00 for a Life Membership in the club. I have not had any contact with them for over 6 years. This is just a scam. I don’t know if there is anything I can do to get my money back. If anybody knows, please let me know.

I’m a lifetime member and I haven’t received anything since 2012. Why?

Purchased Life Membership and I receive nothing in return…that was in 2009. In the beginning I was getting trail merchandise to use and review, but now I never hear from them. Have they gone out of business.

I joined in July 2006, I also paid over 300.00, but until now I did not know that they had sold out. Like all of you I received the magazines and then nothing. You are all right it was a waste.

I also bought into their lifetime membership. Haven’t received any mags since 2014. Also never received notice that subscription would end. Not happy.

I like a lot of others paid $350 for lifetime membership and all at once I was no longer recieving the magazines or anything else from the company. So much for lifetime membership costs. I don’t think those magazines were worth that much. I never heard anything from the company, so did not know they had been sold until I saw it today on this site.

I also had lifetime membership & hadn’t received anything since 2013!

I paid over 200 for a lifetime membership. They sent the magazines for about a year then everything stopped. Someone should help us get are money back.

I became a lifetime member in 2008 and paid 269.00. it was OK for a while, received the magazine and lifetime membership goodies, then never heard from them again. Bad business practices and we should get our money back, shame on you people!!!

I paid $400 for life time membership. No receive magazines for many many years. We should have some professional help, like attorney to get our money back.

I’m a life member of the gardening club I paid over 200or300 dollars for it and now I get nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!! How can they get away with it? My last magazine I received was in 2009 never heard anymore!

I became a life member around 1998 or 1999. I loved it. I would loyally get the magazine, and had a good time with it. It was not cheap to become a life member. I just realized that I haven’t gotten a magazine in a very long time. I am not happy with them. Beth Wright

Joined in 2010 and paid 245.00. What a rip off only received a few things after paying and never heard from them again. Tried contacting several times to know how to receive promos, but never receiving any after i was promised something was on the way.

Joined as a Premier Life Member in 1999; enjoyed the magazines… just like everyone else, I ran across my card and wondered who I could call since I haven’t seen a magazine in years… apparently we have all been ripped off; think it was around $500 for the premier membership.
When we file the class action lawsuit, count me in!

I was also ripped off what a scam I really could have put the money I spent for life time membership to way better use, I thought life time member ment my lifetime not theirs this sucks!!!!!
I’m out $250.00

I joined in April of 2009. Only once did I receive anything to be tested. When I joined the lifetime membership I did receive the gardening kit, but I had to call many times for my magazines and to find out why I wasn’t receiving anything. They were always courteous and tried to make it right. I had no idea until I ran across my lifetime card just how long it had been since I had received anything.. I paid $279 for a lifetime membership and got ripped off. If they were going to sell out. They should have refunded… Read more »

I joined in the ’90’s. Loved the magazine and products to test. Paid my lifetime which I believe was about $250… now, nothing. We were taken,

I joined in 2000 and never received anything from them I paid the full price with nothing in return I think we should sue them and get our money back for wrong full doings and being dishonest tresa

Never received magazine or free offers to try things. I also have life membership. What can be do e

Sandra Gorecki–Illinois
I joined in 1999 paying the $250 Lifetime membership and purchased the books from the club. I wish that groups like this could last but it seems that the group did not try to continue they just switched to the on-line and want us to pay more fees. The group should asked the members for solutions before just ending the program. I would like to be informed if there is a class-action lawsuit.


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