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Last Updated On: September 4, 2017

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Product not delivered

Extremely poor customer service. Not a scam, products are of good quality, but very poor customer service when an issue is raised.

I ordered a miniature “Working Tools” set from MasonicFind in Nov. Per their tracking status, it was attempted to be delivered once in Dec but I was not available to pick it up. I mailed their Customer Service, for which I was asked to wait for 7 more days. I contacted them again when I didn’t receive the product asking if I can have the contact information of the shipping company so that I can contact them for a pick up or re-delivery. However, I received no contact information from the store.

Now per their tracking information, the product has returned to China. The store is now refusing to give me a refund or to send me a replacement item, washing their hands off saying they are only responsible for shipping the product and are not responsible for the product reaching me.

My expectation from an ecommerce service is that the store is responsible for ensuring that the products reach their customers.

This store believes that their responsibility stops with shipping products out of their store – neither helps in anyway to receive the product nor does it refund when the product does not reach the customer.

Personally feel frustrated with such pathetic and rude customer service. Thought I’ll share my experience in this store.


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