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Last Updated On: May 16, 2017

Contact Information

Business Name: Bluestem Brands Inc
Corporate Address:
7075 Flying Cloud Dr
Eden Prairie, Minnesota 55344 USA

Customer Service

Phone Number: 877-648-8466
Corp Email:
Company Contact: Steve Nave - CEO
Corp Website:


Average Rating: 1.50 out of 5
Based On: 7 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 8

Damage Reports

Reported Losses: $61.98
Average Reported Losses: $8.85

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Billing says I never called

August 16th I contacted my Chase bk due to a payment to GoldViolin taken out early instead of 28th due date. I submitted dispute on August 16th and then called GoldViolin customer service and they transferred me to Billing.

I explained like above and asked if I would be charged for the payment being disputed… she, the rep, said no and I asked do I resubmit payment dating Aug 28th now, or will the money come out of my bk acct on the 28th? Since the dispute says it should have been taken out on 28th. The rep said in this case since my due date is 28th, the payment will be resubmitted/pulled (can’t remember which word exactly).

So I waited and payment was not taken from my bk acct, so I called today 29th. GoldViolin customer service for direct phone number to Billing, and rep and supervisor said they have no record of me calling them of this situation. Supervisor suggested maybe I called my Chase bank. I said no… the answers to the questions would not make sense to them.

I am upset with Billing cuz I know I did speak to them on the 16th. I had to look for the date after I hung up with them this last time cuz I wasn’t sure the dates between 12th thru 18th.

I looked at my emails from Chase, payment, dispute date, and the GoldViolin call.

I am positive!

I want the $27.00 fee credited back to my account with GV (GoldViolin) that I was informed I would not be given. And I want any late charge credited for payment made today 29th.

If that rep did not tell me the payment would be resubmitted/pulled on due date 28th, I would have reset payment to be taken out on the 28th myself, immediately. If the rep was correct in her info, and I submitted payment myself and payment automatically comes out on 28th also, that would be a mess too.

What an upsetting mess!

I am just wondering what did happen to that call log?! I simply cannot trust anyone over phone these days.

Please help direct me to get this situation resolved.

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I purchased the 3 Candle Floor Lamp PSC J0T795 for $159.99 plus tax and etc. It is a disappointment since the 3 day socket doesn’t work, it only has one levell of light. Also the arm to turn this socket on is difficult to turn on. So it doesn’t work properly and for the price looks cheap. After seeing some reviews doubt it I will order from Gold Violin again. I would return it but too hard to do.

Be aware! They are ripping off senior citizens.

I received my item but had to return it because the size was incorrect. They received the returned merchandise but it goes to their warehouse. The warehouse takes 2 weeks to send out the correct one. I think that is a little long since they have already received their merchandise. Apparently they handle 14 companies returns so bottom line they must get a lot of returns! Very unhappy with this company and will not order from them again. Beware!!!

I am waiting for an answer as to why they charged my mother $22.99 for a freight charge and when returning the item (that didn’t live up to our standards, btw), they are charging an additional $9.99. Plus, when she rec’d the item, there were no instructions regarding how to use it and it was taped up and shipped very sloppily. I will tell everyone not to use this company. I believe they take advantage of the clientele that it’s geared towards, senior citizens and the elderly, people of the greatest generation who are far too trusting. If I do… Read more »

I was just about to place an order with and when i was searching for them this site popped up. I am very glad as I will save myself some headaches and not bother ordering from them. Thank you for your helpful posts.

I placed an order and never got email stating they received it. Never got email that it had shipped either. Called today to complain about this VIP you can join which they make it sound like it is free, which is $14.95 a month but the month you join with your order it is 1.99. I called to cancel but they said they cannot credit my $1.99. As a matter of principle, I called to cancel my order, to which they said it had just shipped… how convenient. I am returning my order and NEVER ordering from them again. I… Read more »

i ordered from the catalog and wondered what was going on with my order…after several days…no, I was not sent any emails or notices to let me know……"your order was received"…"your order is being shipped…"I emailed Gold Violin..2-3 times…..I got no response I called and spoke to customer service…who did not have a clue as to my order….if I EVER get my order—i won’t be dealing with Gold Violin anymore…

Rec’d my pkg yesterday. The big box was ols, bashed in, and had a thin strip of scotch tape holdonmg it together on every seam. When I took the tape off, the bopx fell completely apart. It hels 3 catalogs. a bunch of paper stuffing, and two, 2oz tiny packs of napkin clips. The price for each was $10,00. In one of the catalogs, I could have ordered them for $4.99 each. I might have gone to the dollar store and chosen the same items. I want my total to be what is in the sale catalog. I will call… Read more »

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