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There are many news and gossip websites all over the web that cover a variety of topics. When you join a particular news or gossip website you are often at the mercy of who controls the site and the administrators. News and gossip are not always fair and do not always tell both sides of a story. Gossip websites can be extremely one sided and allow for only one way of thinking. Even if two different opinions are expressed that doesn’t mean that either side tells the truth.

News stories from time to time can be confusing or misleading. News may be reported before all relevant information is obtained. In these instances, news may be reporting on more gossip than actual fact. And while news stories can evolve and change with a story its is dangerous to assume that one story will contain the whole truth or facts. News stories can also be biased or set a bias based on what about the article is stressed, repressed, or how it is presented. There may even be a number of errors that may or may not be addressed later on.

Gossip websites definitely fall into the realm of hearsay and opinion than they do in truth. Gossip is called gossip for a reason and everyone will have their own take on what is relevant or not about a story. Gossip sites may be about news in society or even about what happened on your favorite HBO series’ latest episode. When you participate in a gossip website you’re at the mercy of what the site permits to be posted and what they may delete. If they have a very one sided view on topics anyone with an alternative view may not be allowed to express themselves and may even find themselves banned for their alternative thinking.

While being banned for having an alternative view may not be right or fair a gossip website is a website and there may be another somewhere with a more equal an fairer view on the subject matter than another site. Even administrators of a particular site may a difference between posts they find are publishable and which they feel need be removed. If you have a disagreement on how a website conducts itself you can certainly share your complaints to the site but that doesn’t mean they’ll change their attitude or ways.

So if you have a news or gossip website that you have a complaint about, whether it is the unfair way they treat people, their biases, or their misinformation, you can share your complaint with us here at You can help others to see that not all websites are fair and unbiased. You may be one of many who share similar views regarding a news or gossip website.

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