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You may be able to find a number of medicinal resources online, just as you would if you were to go into a store to buy medicine. However, with shopping online, there is always a risk that you may be buying a product that you’ll never receive or that will come damaged or different then the product you ordered. And shopping online also means you’re taking the chance of trusting the website to provide products that are safe, and that they won’t just take your money and run, or steal your credit card number either.

Many people look to natural remedies or holistic medicine because they may not trust drug companies or all the unnecessary chemicals that go into your body when you use medicine ‘over the counter.’ Why not use something natural on your body instead of something artificially manufactured in a lab? If they work the same, wouldn’t you rather use something natural and free of preservatives and dyes over something artificial? Well, there are many websites out there where you can buy natural and holistic medicines.

However, the danger comes in when natural or holistic medicines may not be regulated. You may not be told where the medicine comes from or what the medicine is made out of. If you are buying a natural medicine that says what it does but not what it is made out of you may want to take caution. You don’t want to take something unknown. And how safe and secure is the website anyway? Who runs the website and where is the naturalist or holistic medicine produced?

You also need to be worried about a natural or holistic medicine website scamming their consumers. Did you make a large purchase from a holistic medicine website and your purchase was charged but never delivered? Did the website have a place you could call to check on your purchase or call if you had any problems? Is their business customer friendly or did you make an order and then the site closed down? Did you research the site before you made an order?

If you have any complaints regarding a naturalistic or holistic medicine website then please share them here at You can help alert others to holistic medicine websites that are fraudulent, scams, or rip-offs.

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