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Purchasing from a movies and DVDs retail website should be a fairly easy process. You would think it’d be simple enough to visit the retail website, click on a DVD, click the ‘buy’ button, and move along. Unfortunately, Complaints List has heard of many customers who have not had such a smooth experience.

If you’ve purchased from a movies and DVDs retail website in the past, only to find you were dealing with a bunch of retail clowns, then you should file a complaint with It might be the only way to get the attention of these people, who won’t want to see their business’s online reputation damaged. If nothing else, you’ll be able to warn your fellow consumers about which movies and DVDs retail websites should be avoided.

Did you purchase a movie or DVD, only to find that the package was mutilated or the disc was scratched? If so, you’ve got a pretty worthless piece of plastic on your hands. Damaged goods could have been a result of the shipping process, in which case the retailer isn’t responsible. However, you’re smart enough to know the difference between FedEx and the retail website’s packaging job. If you’ve been ripped off by a movies and DVDs retail websites, file today!

Perhaps you got the wrong DVD in the mail? Now, you have to take time out of your day to mail back what was supposed to be an easy purchase. This frustrating experience might even end up costing you money if the movies and DVDs retail website doesn’t reimburse you. Even if you do get the correct disc, you might still want to consider

These are just two of the most common scenarios that many people have had to deal with in the past. However, there are countless other issues you might have experienced with movies and DVDs retail websites. If so, file a complaint today on!

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