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If you don’t have a GPS system for your car or on your phone, then you may still count on the reliable map. The nice thing about map websites is that you can print out a turn-by-turn set of directions so you can reach your destination as quickly and efficiently as possible. Map websites can also help you determine the total distance to travel, as well as the approximate time to get to your destination.

However, that doesn’t mean that map websites are perfect. Depending on how often your area is updated, the address you put in may not show up. And if you think you’ve got the right directions you may be stumped to find out that where the map website told you your destination was, it isn’t. Perhaps it is something obscure like inside a building not labeled or behind a business building that may share a parking lot. However, if you need reliable directions, you count on your map website to get you there.

There are different map websites you can choose to get your directions from. If you’ve had unreliable maps from one site you can always try another. And if you’re traveling to somewhere very important and need to be certain the directions are correct, it may be worth using different map websites to be sure the directions you are getting are consistent and correct.

If you have used map websites and have complaints regarding missing directions or accuracy problems you can share them with us here at You may not be the only person with a particular map website complaint.

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