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Last Updated On: July 17, 2017

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Business Name: A Call to Arms LLC
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23 Chelsea Dr
Standish, Maine 04084 USA

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Phone Number: 207-642-7980
Company Contact: David Call - Owner, Operator
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Reported Losses: $50.00
Average Reported Losses: $50.00

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Butchered Bullets

I recently visited a web site called owned and operated by a Mr. David Call.. Based on the pictures and written descriptions of the products that he offers, I made a $50 purchase. Mr. Call also offers a service wherein the live ammunition that he sells can be rendered inert in order to comply with shipping and governmental regulations. I opted to pay him for this service.

Unfortunately, Mr. Call neglected to inform me that the process he uses to deactivate the ammunition substantially changes its appearance and reduces its collector value. As part of his deactivation process, Mr. Call saws the noses of the bullets off exposing the jacket walls and lead fillings. Nowhere on his web site nor in his e-mails does Mr. Call warn potential customers that his chosen method of deactivation actually damages the products that he is selling even before you receive them. AND HE CHARGES YOU FOR THE SERVICE.

Consumers who visit his website are not warned that the products that they actually receive may differ markedly from their depictions on the site. Because of this omission, I believe that Mr. Call is engaging in false and misleading advertising. Furthermore, Mr. Call’s refusal to address complaints about the products / services that he offers and his unwillingness to even consider compensation borders on fraud.

If you are a cartridge collector like me, the ammo advertised on Mr. Call’s site look’s appealing. BUT BE WARNED. THERE IS NO GUARANTEE THAT WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU’LL GET! (AND PAY FOR).

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With respect to the prior complaint, the purchaser clearly failed to read the description. The specimen he ordered is considered to have an armor-piercing projectile and the cartridge itself is chambered in a handgun. *Federal LAW* prohibits sale of these specimens unless they are rendered unusable. I have some specimens in my own collection so altered. One need only rotate them to hide the ‘surgery’ on the projectile when displaying them. Mr. Call does a workmanlike job in this. If the complainant wishes a pristine example, perhaps he can become a law enforcement officer or obtain a specimen from a… Read more »

I’ve been doing business with Mr. Call for at least 15 years. I’ve found the minimum charge a bit of a hurdle sometimes myself, yet hardly anything deserving a complaint as the minimum charge amounts are stated clearly on the site. A sale is a microcosmic contract in its simplest elements & the minimum order a term of that contract. No businessman need explain a reason for policies stated in advance of a transaction and minimum orders are quite common. Complainant should be ignored as a self-absorbed, ignorant, twit.

John called me and demanded I explain why my minimum order was $35.00; I told him it was company policy as orders less then $35.00 would not pay for the labor to do the order, and we would be out of business. He then called me every bad name in the book and insulted my family, with words I can’t repeat here. I asked him why he was wasting my time, as I had had enough. I too am human and don’t need to put up with this rudeness. John is not a customer, just a heckler or competitor trying… Read more »

dave call is a fine person to deal with! he goes out of his way to help collectors find what they need! i have no complaint with the way he deals with me! i will deal with him as long as he is in business!!!.i rate him AAAAA. thanks e j

dave call is a fine person to deal with! he goes out of his way to help collectors find what they need! i have no complaint with the way he deals with me! i
will continue to order from him as long as he is there! AAAA RATED. ed bowden

I have purchased many items from Mr. Call over the years. Not once have I had a problem. The only complaint I would have would be to improve his website. Other than that, I appreciate having him around to further my collection.

The above complaint is a fraud from a competitor, has been in business 10 years sold over 10,000 customers and has 5,000 repeat customers. We stand by out name and this complaint is bull ****. Thank you, Dave Call owner


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