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Oftentimes, guns and ammo websites provide great bargains for hunters and firearm enthusiasts. Their prices are often able to undercut traditional sporting goods stores. Plus, shipping straight to your door makes the process easy and convenient.

Of course, not everyone has such a smooth experience with guns and ammo websites. If you’ve had an awful experience in customer service or product quality when ordering from one of these websites, you should seriously consider filing a complaint on

By filing a complaint on Complaints List, you can warn other gun-lovers like yourself about which sites and Internet businesses should be avoided at all costs. Below you will find just a few of the various types of complaints you might consider filing…

Bad Customer Service

This is the biggest problem that the average consumer faces when dealing with guns and ammo websites. All too often, the people who run these sites fail to correspond in a timely manner, or they ignore customers altogether when they voice a complaint. Don’t let them get the best of you. File a complaint about their business on!

Inaccurate Product Description

Another major issue is inaccurate product descriptions. As any gun enthusiast knows, many firearms and handguns require very specific types of ammunition. When a product isn’t properly described, you can end up with a bunch of expensive (and worthless) ammunition on your hands.

Price Discrepancies

Lastly, some guns and ammos websites will change their prices. While a price drop can be good for you, falling prices aren’t always the case. If you’re looking at this category, it’s probably because the price on your credit card is higher than the advertised price you thought you were paying. Sometimes taxes and other restrictions affect the price of guns and ammo. Check in with the dealer. If you’re in the right, file a complaint today!


These are just a few complaints you might have about guns and ammo websites. If you’ve been taken advantage of as a consumer in any way, then you shou

File a Guns & Ammo Websites Complaint


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