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If you’ve ever wasted an afternoon waiting in a long line at your local DMV, then you know how frustrating it can be to deal with government (at all levels). You probably thought you could save yourself some time by going online and using Government Services Websites. Unfortunately, if you’re reading this page, you’ve probably lost some time – not to mention your hard earned dollars!

Not all Government Services Websites are here to bring utopia one-step closer. In fact, most Government Services Websites only make life more complicated and frustrating. If you’ve had an issue with one of these sites – especially an issue that hasn’t been resolved – you should seriously consider filing a complaint with Complaints List. is designed to help you speak out against businesses and websites that aren’t playing fair!

Below, you’ll find just a few of the most common complaints that people file about Government Services Websites…

Time Issues

A lot of the services that these government websites offer declare a wait time of anywhere from 2-6 weeks. The government is notorious for being slow with paperwork. Though using an online government services website can speed things up a little bit, you might find the process to be even slower than promised! If so, let others know by filing a complaint on Complaints List!

Scam/Lost Money

Scammers know that government websites are oftentimes trusted without question. That’s why many scammers try to set up shop online, posing as a government services website. If you suspect you’ve been the victim of one of these scam sites, you should definitely file a complaint on today!

Then again, you don’t have to be the victim of a scam to lose your money. Sometimes legitimate government services websites will end up scamming you out of your cash!

General Customer Service

If you thought customer service was bad at your local county clerk office, you haven’t seen anything yet. Many government services websites will have a ghost-like Internet presence. Encounter a problem? Don’t be surprised if no one’s there to help you. This experience can be extremely frustrating. However, you can do something about it… File a complaint with! It might be the only way to warn another citizen about the hassles and frustrations that come along with whatever government service website you’ve been using!

Other complaints? File them here on Complaints List!

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