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Last Updated On: December 11, 2017

Contact Information

Business Name: Zynga Inc.
Corporate Address:
99 Eighth Street
San Francisco, California 94103 USA

Customer Service

Phone Number: 855-449-9642
Company Contact: Mark J. Pincus - Chairman, CEO, and Chief Product Officer
Corp Website:


Average Rating: 1.54 out of 5
Based On: 33 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 97

Damage Reports

Reported Losses: $280,250.60
Average Reported Losses: $8,492.44

Most Recent Complaint

Is Zynga Poker a Scam, Rip Off, or Fraud? WARN OTHER CONSUMERS By Sharing

Bans people without reason

I’ve always been interested in online poker and casino games. A few years ago I discovered Zynga poker and was quite happy. Enjoyed played it with my friends and had a great time for a couple of weeks. Yep that’s right a couple of weeks. At some point I logged on and had a wonderful message about account “terminated” violation against policy.

Alright, I thought that it was a mistake, and contacted their support via email. The responses were awful. They did not tell me the reason why I got banned nor anything else. Simply kept saying “you are banned, cant say why”. Now the funny thing is that, this story does not end here…

Just recently I played on Zynga poker again, on a different PC & IP address, on a different facebook account. Less than a month and I got banned again. Absolutely no reason!

Both times I had won significant amount of chips. First time from 150-300k to 15M and the second time from about 150-300K to 50M. Both times I played on random tables daily and made the stack from honest gameplay, against random people.

Did not buy chips from 3rd party, did not advertise, did not even use public chat. Nothing against the rules. I’m not a rule breaker kind of guy, I follow the rules.

This is a fraudulent company and should be avoided. I rate it 0 stars out of 5. Not even worth 1.

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More About Zynga Poker

Zynga Poker has an exchange rate of 1 Billion chips = $135USD, several complaints were adjusted to maintain this US Dollar rate for their losses totals.
Company News! Can Zynga Recover?


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not going the talk to me either

3-4s beat 3-kings was all in player goes all in with out knowing the last cards value but its a winner over and over corners are cut to favor others not once have I won a pot with a losing hand

What Discussion? seams ZYNGA is only one sided . I just posted a comment and it disappeared.

Just wondering why my chip count went from 177 million points to 171 million points when I only played one Game for 250 thousand. This is not the first time this has happened. I also wonder where Zynga got the Certified Fair Game Play? Is it just something they made up? Also almost every game I play ,At some point in the game They fold me without even dealing me any cards or just one Card. Some times they fold me then show me cards JUST wondering WHY WHY WHY

Worst game ever.Stiling,manipulated.

they cheat u you get full ouse other get 4 of a kind allways 34 56 73 62 96 87 crooked never get my money gifts last I looked 87 mill I never got rip off assoles

I filed a complaint a couple of days ago and they haven’t had the courtesy to answer.. been playing for years.. spent quite a bit of money buying chips

I live in Lebanon. I find it impossible to purchase facebook Zynga chips using MASTERCARD as form
of payment. If there is a site where such payments are accepted please let me know.


Sick and tired of Zinga knocking me off in the middle of a hand, freezing up every few seconds.

Well, I never payed for chips just cause I took pride in building count for free but I still have to complain. I’ve played zynga for many years and I’m finally done. I can’t beat the computer system vs luck. Lol but really this site is rigged. Unbelievable hands that have to be rigged for people to pay. It used to be so fun but now u can tell how they pull u in to lose. C’mon if I have 4 pair how can they simply give chip leader 4 pair higher!!!! No matter how good ur hands are, its… Read more »

Amen! I want to get a fun and free one started. Nothing like this rip off Zynga.

Hey , About Zynga Poker ,

I am looking for some coins and gold for free.

Anyone knows if this website works ? http://bit.ly/2ca0QWG

Thanks in advance…

Apparently this site is rigged too -lol

Good and Bad News (in my opinion) The Bad News is that Zynga is a scam and just about everybody finally knows it. Everything is rigged, beginning with the arranged cards that are dealt prepacked. The reason Zynga doesn’t use personalized photos is because Zynga doesn’t want players to realize they are always playing against the same in-house automated and admin players. For the easiest proof of in-house rigged cards, just count the number of flush hands you are dealt after holding 4 of any suit after the flop and you will quckly realize how crooked the dealing actually is… Read more »
zynga took my $75 dollars and I haven’t received a d**n chip one and then locked my facebook up and now they need my vid sid to try and help lol I cant get that info and them fcks know I cant so took my money just to bullshit me for days in email ZYNGA POKER IS A RIP OFF THEY TAKE MONEY OFF BANKCARD BUT REFUSE TO REFUND IT BACK TO BANK CARD AND NO CHIPS EITHER KISS MY A*S ZYNGA COST ME $75 FOR NOTHING TAKE MY ADVISE NEVER PLAY THE FCKIN GAME IF YOU WANT TO PLAY… Read more »

Agree that Zynga is a total rip off. I got banned without an explanation right after I reached the 300 million chip plateau. I inquired thru their customer service as to the reason and got the classic run a round. Now I am unable to log into any of the Face Book games as the games are not available in the Republic of South Korea although many of my friends here continue to play every day.

Zynga is a rip off for sure. I got banned as well right after I reached the 300,000,000 plateau. I contacted their customer service and got the run a round. Shortly afterward I was unable to log into any of the Face Book games. The game is not available in South Korea they say although I have been playing quite a while and many other DOD employees are playing from this location even now. It is all about scamming and they appear to be getting away with it,

Zynga poker is a joke. I’ve never seen so many coordinated boards in my life. They do this to induce beting, give it to you on the flop and screw you on the river and give it to the donk that stayed in with 6 3 off suit. Don’t play unless you don’t care about your live game.

I’ve seen players fold preflop 20 out of 30 hands but go all in with anything on ten hands and win every one of those ten. Conclusion: They can see the entire final cards, yours and the 5 community cards, beforehand.

just unbelievable the frequency of players popping into a table, seemingly playing tight(folding preflop several hands and then all of a sudden staying in and even raising you back all in to catch 2 card runs, or an inside straight and the thing you can spot about this is they folded pre flop 3 hands before doing this. Conclusion: they folded because they KNEW beforehand they weren’t going to win those hands, and KNEW they were going to win the one they did go balls on.

statiscally there are more trips than straights in 7 hand poker.
the computer is wrong and produces more st8’s than trips
this is wrong. zynga takes advantage of this on a regular basis.
multiple times same table. i evaluated 1500 hands str8s outnumbered trips
it is completely wrong. long time players often go all in on 98 knowing the system will run with it creates drama its a scam and that bwolf down below knows it

Not to long ago Zynga changed the seating arrangement at the tables so that each player sits directly in front of the pretty blond that is the dealer on there own computer or device. A little later comes “Officially Certified for Fair Game Play” This is how Zynga can and does control who wins or loses! Too many times Zynga has cheated me out of chips, just like today i won won over 20 million that i never recieved, so as of today “I WILL NEVER PURCHASE ANOTHER D**N CHIP FROM ZYNGA WITH MY REAL MONEY” Zynga could have had… Read more »

i started the game with 129,million,opened with 8million ,won 18 million,my bank on screen said 143 million,left went another table started with 4 million ,won 23 million,bank said 147 million. where are the winnigs going. surely not to my bank. start at 129 million,win 41 million and only get to 147 million,a total of19 million. this happens daily. anyone else have this issue?

Yes I have noticed this every hand won and it’s EVERY hand not every other hand

I am a big fan of zyanga poker but in mobile zyanga can’t help me and I could not win chips and tell me how I get my reward from zyanga league plz answer me reply me back

been playing poker for over 50 yrs never bought chips on this site get up to 23 mil and then they knock me down somehow it is not poor play Zynga manipulates the cards somehow I think they are trying to force good players to buy chips c-mon Zynga give us fair gameplay

let me support the comments in here. This game is a joke and a rip off. I don’t buy chips and every time I get close to 50M I have a losing streak that lasts for days – every time. These people need to be reported for ripping people off. Other things is that it supports idiot bets – constantly and the number of flops of same suit is just plain embarrassing
Do yourself self a favour and don’t bother


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