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Last Updated On: December 27, 2017

Contact Information

Business Name: Electronic Arts Inc
Corporate Address:
209 Redwood Shores Parkway
Redwood City, California 94065 USA

Customer Service

Phone Number: 650-628-1500
Company Contact: Peter Robert Moore - President & CEO
Corp Website:


Average Rating: 1.59 out of 5
Based On: 19 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 56

Damage Reports

Reported Losses: $5,223.96
Average Reported Losses: $274.95

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I have been trying to get help in playing games for which I PAID FOR, and twice their so called EA support calls and tells me they cant help me unless I have someone, “come to my house”, to help me understand how to “load” my system.

I asked for an email follow up, and did not get that.

I tried to contact them via chat on their “help” and “how to contact us” page, but any time you try to get to the help page, it says “tokens not accepted” and then the screen is white.

Or, it tells you to log in, in order to file a complaint, but when the log in page comes up, it is white, and stays that way.

There is virtually no way to possibly contact them, no phone number, no address, but yet they get their money.

I have not been able to play most of the games for months now….and no way to even contact them to get this fixed or get a refund.

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I just renewed like an idiot! This is such a horrible problem with POGO now…guess I have to mark it as a loss….my son will set me up with what he uses…I’m soooo sorry I paid for this year…pogo name ‘princessann8’ Ann Celeste

I have played 4 episodes of CLUE, and have NOT received any credits for my efforts, please fix it.

Pogo has ripped me off for $20.00 and I have called and tried to get help and they just blow me off…Actually it was about $10.00 worth of Gems…..I will NOT be buying them anymore and will NOT renew my subscription. I have tried since October for them to replace them and they just keep blowing me off.
Thank you POGO

EA Pogo and a charge for $57.88 appeared on my credit card statement. Creditcard co removed the charge but asked me to contact the company. I had spent hours trying to do so . Finally got this guy with an indian accent who convinced me to let him remotely control my laptop. Showed me a page with three addresses in mexico, coloumbia and russia and said my computer was 88 percent hacked. wanted me to pay someone at his company to remove hack. i hung up and deleted the software. Very shady. Watch your credit card statements.

I’m having difficulty trying to purchase and play new games in the CLUE game. What’s up with this?

I have been playing Solitaire for quite a while but recently can no longer load that particular game. Their “help” is of no help at all. Anyone else have this problem?

I have been having trouble with pogo for some time now, you start a game and all of a sudden it says, game not responding, when the game comes back, finally, a new game is there, pogo is nothing but a piece of crap, I was a member a few years ago, but will never join that site again.

pogo cheats you , every time you get close to your subscription expiring they expire it one to 5 days early . if I renew it early they start renewal date from the day i renew , cheating me out of the days I had left . im so sick of this

my games will not load, i’ talked to someone at pogo, but that didn’t help at all. i STILL can’t get my games to load. what can i do to get my games back?

I am tired of them cheating you out of your tokens. They tell you to slow down yet the game of word whomp is a fast paced game. I’ve been a customer for years now but I will not be renewing this year. Why should I have to take a break in order for the tokens to be applied to my account? I count 15 seconds between each portion and yet that seems to not help.

File a complaint with your financial institution and report Pogo.com for fraud. If your games are not loading and Pogo is not not helping….yes it is fraud!!!!!

I paid for my pogo.com and was a memeber since April15, 2016 they still charged me off my credit card once a yearly but did not received pogo. com member as a club member and put my id and pass word in did not give me membership to join club member when I pay it with a credit card but the money was taken form my card for this yearly 2017. can I get a refund for the it was taken without my permission.

I am a paying member and getting tired of the games not loading. I will cancel my membership when time is up

Hi I just found this site and can’t believe how long these complaints have been going on but I’m not surprised. I have been a member for 8 years and when I started I loved it. Any problems you had were corrected and your were credited any money you may have lost. NOW, is a different story. If you are lucky enough to get through on chat to EA you are on with someone oversees that hasn’t got a clue what the h–l they are talking about. With every problem I have had over the past 6 months (there have… Read more »

I loved the Amazing Mini contests that were recently discontinued without any notice…very little left to enjoy here. Rated card games full of cheats, no customer service, so called “moderators” now in the forum who are a joke. The tokens are just worthless….said goodbye to this mess for good.

I can’t figure out if the pogo site has viruses or not which it probably does.

I heard that there going to soon have a new technology for games.And that Pogo is planning to shut down there business. Because they use java and other things. And this new service is planning to use the New technology and Pogo .Com has no plan on using the new technology and shut down. If anybody knows about or knows more information. E-Mail. me. Cornhuskerboy2003@yahoo.com. Put in subject line Pogo.com. Thanks.

Folks, have ANY of you received even a reply to any of the issues you have addressed here? No? and you wont either. This is why Pogo went from a place with rooms with 100 people to nearly nothing….Nothing that is, but endless ads. There is a fine line between needing to make $$ to run a site, and destroying the site BECAUSE $$ comes first. Pogo, has indeed crossed that line and now can not turn back. I wont be back there.

if you have EVER done business with either pogo,electronic arts,or origin you need to burn your debit card and get a new one. even after years. they will steal from you via the russian version of origin.com by selling you hundreds of games without your knowledge. luckily, i caught the confirmation{russian language} emails as they were coming in{lots of them}, and alerted my bank in time to stop it. This is what has become of electronic arts? They should be banned from doing business in the united states.

what is going on with your site. You won’t let me sign in; you tell me my password is wrong… IT IS NOT WRONG! I have had the same password for over 5 years. Furthermore, you make it extremely difficult to contact you about anything. I requested help to reset a new password and have heard nothing for over 10 days now. What a joke your site has become. Thanks for nothing!

you need to figure out this sight. it’s so bad. Why did you change the use of the format???? It’s all screwed up go to play canasta and can’t get past the password page. game won’t load. can’t play with my friends and i do every morning. Your ripping off the people of this sight. We are good and pay our fee but get nothing in return bad games that don’t run right. you need to take a good look at who supports your income and that is us…..

help whats wrong with this program? been trying to play since 5am this morning,it just says too busy. need someone to help

I am leaving Pogo after at least 4 years of play. It boots me out of games. requires java updates (that I don’t want to chance a virus) and has automatic billing without notice. So long; ill use apps on my ipad. so different a not player friendly like it once was. Very disappointed.

Pogo has a bunch of unconcerned moron techs who could care less if we get hacked, if we pay for pogo or if the games don’t work for us. I am seriously considering buying games for my computer and not renewing membership.

I can see no earthly reason to have uncensored rooms in a child accessed site.These sites are typically used for people to camp out and express their most vulgar and disgusting thoughts In poker the penthouse room is s good example People take up space to remain in the room when not playing and constantly harass and ruin the games of others who just want to play. I would like to see all uncensored rooms removed or given a real good reason why they are needed.Before you tell me to try other rooms have been there and most of the… Read more »

stupid is what u are


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