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Last Updated On: April 15, 2017

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Business Name: Ltd
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PO Box 6413
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King Games Phone Number: 207-494-1881
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Average Rating: 2.01 out of 5
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Reported Losses: $2,925.93
Average Reported Losses: $52.25

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Not able to advance pass Candy Crush level 725

Trying to pass 725 and received a score of 647,280; but received a message that I did not pass.

To pass you must receive a target of 450,000.

This is the second time this has happened. I have the latest update. If you subtract the two numbers you will get quite a difference in my favor.

I really enjoy this game but I now am not able to advance so I do not play as much. The skill of advancement has been taken away and no longer a game.

I open up the game each day to collect the game, to spin the wheel, just receive the bonus and the close the game, and go to other games.

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Level 1778 design/set to play has per the computer setting of candy crush it is all cheating with the players for last three years playing candy crush saga to enjoy and time pass
D**n foolish level to play

for the second time, when I logged onto candy crush soda, ALL my boosters were gone. First time amounted to about 200 units… second time about 80. WTF?

The new game shuffle cats is beyond rigged I have spent endless amounts of money on this game just for them to take it away and make it impossible to win a hand ! It doesn’t matter how set up I am . I ALWAYS LOSE ! Right when I hit 200,000 gems literally every single hand after that I have lost !

More on this subject. Copying PHONE to PHONE for a new phone and the copy doesn’t get our booster stuff. Why is that??? Where do you store them that a phone copy doesn’t get them?

What the heck, King??? I had to get a new phone. They copy the info from old to the new and somehow, Candy Crush and Candy Crush Soda isn’t copied with our boosters and stuff we purchased or won. WHAT’S UP? We have to start all over? I had like 17 lollipops ad 7 striped, 2 moves. Plus probalby 20 bombs, 10 color bombs and at least 15 fish. SO STUPID THAT YOU DON’T KEEP THAT WITH OUR ACCOUNTS, especially SINCE WE DO PURCHASE from you!!

I paid for boosters, plus won them. Now almost every other game Candy Crush goes ahead and uses my boosters without me checking it to be used. I’d give this game an 8 for fun, but programming and customer service a big 0. This only happened after I couldn’t play fir three weeks because the scree froze with 5 long buttons on it. You suggestion, Uninstall and install. Lost my money, lost every booster. Paid for more and those were boosters and tools like the lollipops and hands, they are all gone. Researched this and many who are playing are… Read more »
I spend a lot of money on this game .. bubble witch saga 2 , might not be much to some but it’s enough for me ! I wonder why when I buy gold if I use it it takes more then what I used ?, it too me not calculated right ! And also I get no credits in gold or other credits ?? I’ve been playing this game and talk to others and they say they don’t spend money ?? Idk how that’s possible , they are way ahead of me ?? I am at level 274 ?… Read more »

candy crush soda constantly crashes and kicks me off on my ipad mini why is it happening i have tried everything to fix it nothing works please help i’m addicted to this game fix it or delete it forever it does my head in

Candy crush on iPad mini and an at 1475 level and keeps shutting down , knocking me off and won’t et me play my game, then I have to start at level one. I’m real tired of this. Help

I am SO frustrated as none of the candy crush games will load on my iPad anymore…looks like it will but then kicks back to the home page! Also when it was working it would hoot me off mid game sucking down lives I bought! Think I’ll have to just give up..bummer cuz they were fun!

Why does candy crush soda keep knocking me out in the middle of a game. Sometimes it won’t load at all, other times lists be playing and screen goes black. VERY FRUSTRATING,!


I just paid $1.99 for extra lives and 3 other boosters that came as a package and NEVER got the purchase. This isn’t the first time I have not received a purchase. I am really tired of being RIPPED OFF by this crooked company. Why isn’t there a place to phone? Also, when you write to them (if you can actually send it) you NEVER HEAR BACK from them. I tried contacting them on my mobile and was not able to send b/c it would not let me choose a game from the drop down menu. I WANT MY $$… Read more »



Here we go again, these Bastards at King CC Soda Saga has beat me out my money Again,How can they keep getting away with this Bull S**t Ripping ppl off, SMDH!!!!!!! They might as well have a F*****g Gun cause that’s what they are doing is straight Robbing ppl… I’m so disgusted with the BS!! Never Again

These slick a*s ppl at Candy Crush Soda keep beating me out of my money, every time I spend 8gold bars to continue playing the game shuts down and when I get back in all of a sudden I’m back on the previous level I was on before I purchase the gold bars, less my bars I bought,all the freaking time… I want my money back…. How can I get it back? Anybody knows. Please help… Fed up!!!!!!!! $40 worth of no bars… Dammit Man

I just saw a green striped candy piece DISAPPEAR (didn’t explode, it DISSPPEARED) and change to a regular red candy piece right next to a color bomb. THIS GAME CHEATS.

Candy Crush Soda. Passed level 350 used 21 gold bars. When I logged on again it showed I hadn’t passed but had 233 hours of free lives. Lost 20 lollipops. Complained with no results. doesn’t care

Sonia Weddington Leigh

I play Pet Rescue Saga. For the past month…I would play and at the bottom of the game, the board shows how many moves you have on that level. Mine aren’t showing up. I can play and when I either win or lose on that level…the game doesn’t go to the next level. I have to get off of the game and go back to the game. Is this a computer error or is it the game? Also, I have had problems with the game not downloading because you guys said it was an error. Please….can anyone help me??

Farm Saga! second time I have not been given the points sent by friends! what gives? no sense in playing if you cheat us out them!

I was thrown out of my game then when I went back in all my helps I had disappeared I had 16 of each of the helps. Was very aggravated because this has happened before. Plus I lost the rest of my 24 hours I had left.

Farm heroes saga blinks out half the way through the game and lose that life every time. Y’all owe me money for the lives that I lost while so call fixing the problem, or at least return my lives that was taken.

Farm heroes saga is just ripping off my money. Half way through the game it shuts down, and I lose a life. I’ve had problems with the game for 3 days now. I’m beginning to think you’re trying to scam us and pad your pockets with our money. Shame on y’all.

Does anyone not get the treasure prizes for extra
boosters on candy crush saga. ? My hubby gets them every week and he is 2 levels above me.
Why am I not getting them?


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