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Game Websites can fall under a number of categories. A gaming website can be somewhere you go to buy games, somewhere you go to read reviews about games, or it can be a website that hosts games for you to download and play. A website that has anything to do with games can be considered a gaming website.

So what are some of the complaints that you may have? There are a number of websites and gaming services where you can buy or rent games online. Perhaps you have paid to rent a game and the game disc never showed up in the mail. Perhaps you called to complain or inquire about your missing game but you were still charged for the rent or purchase anyway.

A gaming website that reviews games can be very biased. You may go to a variety of gaming review websites and find that each one has a different review. Some may find a game fun and challenging and another may give a game a poor review simply because the graphics aren’t perfect. Perhaps the website gives away story plot or spoilers without informing readers that they are going to divulge game information of the story line.

You may also go to play a game online and have trouble getting the game to load. There may be continuous server problems or you find yourself spending more of your time waiting in a queue to play then time spent in the actual game itself. Maybe when you find yourself in the game you are booted off or unfairly banned for something that you did not do but the moderators won’t hear you out.

If you have a gaming website complaint then share it with us here at Lots of people have had experiences with games one way or another. Tell us your complaint and you may find that other gamers share the same complaints that you do.

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