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Last Updated On: August 8, 2017

Contact Information

Business Name: Wesley Berry Florist Inc
Corporate Address:
2985 Haggerty Rd
Commerce Township, Michigan 48390 USA

Customer Service

Phone Number: 248-668-2881
Corp Email: admin@flowerdeliveryexpress.net
Company Contact: Tiffany Bradshaw - VP Assistant
Corp Website:


Average Rating: 1.07 out of 5
Based On: 244 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 99

Damage Reports

Reported Losses: $15,266.29
Average Reported Losses: $62.57

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Is Flower Delivery Express a Scam, Rip Off, or Fraud? WARN OTHER CONSUMERS By Sharing

Fraud on Saturday Delivery

I ordered a last minute delivery for my 85 year old mother and it never showed up. It was supposed to arrive on Saturday.

I called on her birthday and they said at the nursing home that it never arrived.

I called the next day on Sunday and couldn’t get an answer. I was told that it was guaranteed for Saturday but that “they would try”. I said I paid an extra $35 for the  Saturday delivery.

The invoice I received by email also said Saturday delivery.

I am going to call my bank on Monday to cancel the charge.

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i am very disappointed with my order from Flower Delivery Express. My friend had just lost her husband and as usual I wanted to cheer her up with some beautiful flowers. i went online and order from these unprofessional people who sent my friend flowers that looked like they ran over by a truck, my friend was distraught and if she didn’t knew better she might think I was sending her a death threat.That is definitely my first and last order from these people.

Ordered flowers May 27 early AM for a friend just home from hospital. I was unaware, nor had I checked the reviews for this FDE. I simply ordered bc of an ad I saw. Now after the upcharges, fees, processing etc I was a bit aghast to see a 40 dollar order double. But I figured OK, its my friend and secondly, its same day. My concern was that she lives in a poorly marked lake area also. I must say, they did deliver same day, and my friend said they were beautiful! I saw a photo and while we… Read more »

prices changed after I gave my card info and confirmed… added $15 “delivery” fee and a $10 “sales” fee, than a 2nd transaction appeared on my card for 1.97 delivery fee these guys are as shady as shady gets…. is there an option for no stars???

I ordered the “Christmas Celebration” & added the exquisite pkg (ad $25) costing $125.46. When I asked my parents about it they sent me a pic of this cheesy arrangement with 3 pine cones & mums. I ordered a Christmas tree with bows & ornaments & pine cones & flowers..have no idea what the exquisite package was to add extra. I called the delivery florist & told me they advised to send an arrangement of $40. That is no mistake…that is FRAUD! I too am in dispute advising the credit card company not to pay. I have called cannot get… Read more »

WOW ,what is their phone number ??

Please file a complaint with the FTC for misleading business practices.

Oh my gosh I wish I had seen this site before I got swindled by this so called company. I contacted my credit card company and they filed a dispute, but this site should be taken off line. No one else should have to go through this.

This company is a total ripoff! First they imply that there giving you $40 off of what is already in overinflated price, then they have all these additional add-ons at additional cost including the additional cost of a face that they show in the picture included in the price. They then have additional upgrades that you can pay significantly more for to hopefully get a better arrangement. I specifically ordered arrangement that had yellow roses and daisies. They sent an arrangement with half the number of roses as shown on the basic arrangement even though I paid $25 more to… Read more »

Please consider filing a complaint with the FTC for misleading business practices.

I ordered flowers that were never delivered. No customer service person was ever available and they kept my money. I’m fighting with the bank to get my money back now. WHAT A FREALIN’ rip off.

The Flowers that were sent (from Texas) to my family in Colorado for the passing of my Aunt were never delivered to the funeral home. When I called back to request my refund, I was asked if I wanted them to hold my money for a later purchase or have the flowers delivered to the home of a family member. I was so upset that the delivery was not made, they had also lied to me and sent an email that the delivery was in route. If I hadn’t called and checked up on the order, I would’ve never known… Read more »
I am so very upset. WHAT A SCAM they are. I ordered flowers for my best friends Mom’s passing (grave site funeral) First, it was NOT delivered on the day I ask for…..and second, Not the flowers I ordered at all. I spent more for the Premium amount of flowers used and then to top it off, my friend sent me a picture of what actually arrived, a day late, and man when I saw that….I am boiling. Have tried to send a complaint but the web site will not go to the place to send one. They did call… Read more »

SCAM COMPANY! I ordered a specific bouquet from the website, paid for next day delivery and also ordered a teddy bear. No delivery the next day. they delivered a miserable bouquet with 3 flowers that looked nothing like what i had ordered. No teddy bear. to add insult to injury their customer service person told me i should be satisfied because my girlfriend was happy

As of this morning it is the 4th day of non delivery of my flowers! THIS IS A SCAM COMPANY! BUYERS BEWARE! BUY AT YOUR OWN RISK! The only thing that saved me was that I used my Paypal credit card. I was able to contact Chase Bank and Paypal and all monies were returned to me. The BIGGEST scam was my total. When checking out my total was 44,87 and I clicked submit for the order and my total suddenly turned into 71.81 and an additional separate charge of 2.99 When i checked my credit card, it had posted… Read more »
I ordered flowers for my boss’s fathers grave site funeral. I received confirmation and the price the same day ordered. The funeral was set for 11am Saturday May 16, (I was charged for Saturday delivery). I received an email from FDE at 4:30 Saturday evening stating they could not deliver and needed additional information.. I have been calling and emailing since I get no response I get a real person then they transfer me to their infamous “Customer Service Department” only to get a recording stating I can leave a message and someone will get back with me. I can’t… Read more »

What can I say….We were duped also. Ordered a 59.00 arrangement, billed us 107.00, still don’t have the flowers. The girl could hardly speak English. They took our money and delivered NO flowers.!!!!

You will regret using this company. I can relate to all the complaints. For a total of $161, I ordered a Mother’s day bouquet (not good, better, or best, but I paid for what they call “exquisite”), chocolates and a Mylar balloon. My mother is aging and has been ill. It was very important to me that she receive my order since she lives far away from any of her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. Supposedly they gave me a $40 discount they advertised so I was charged $121 on my credit card. The bouquet ended up very tiny (photo… Read more »
I too had a bad experience with this company. While I ordered one arrangement , another was sent that looked like something you could pick up at the Dollar Tree. I immediately started calling and emailing. I wasn’t able to resolve my issue until this morning on a Monday. I called and asked for a supervisor, and right away she was willing to credit my account for part of the amount. I told her that her amount was unacceptable and she came back with an amount that I was willing to accept. But just now I have received a response… Read more »

This company is a fraud DO NOT BUY anything from them. They screwed me they will screw you also. Don’t believe their rebate tactic either. You will end up paying out of pocket for the most miserable vase and flowers ever. DO NOT BUY FOM THEM. I ma still waiting for their customer service to call me back from two weeks ago. SCAM!!!!

Sorry to say that I think I have been screwed by them, too. I have sent numerous messages with no answer. Their $50 “rebate” is total B.S. I’ll never use them again, and wish I’d read the reviews before I wasted my money.

I wished I had too.. for 90 dollars, I got a tacky Dollar Tree plant.. I emailed and phoned all weekend and finally this morning I got a call and email giving me a full credit.

Update post from Shannon below… The company called and left a voice mail the day after the funeral on my phone speaking very fast with the following message: “Hi Shannon I’m (no name given) calling from flower delivery express regarding your flower order that was for Phil unfortunately we do apologize that we were unable to make it to the service for yesterday but we will let them have this delivered to a family members address with an upgrade to a better arrangement so please call us at (888) 851-2881 with that additional information thank you and you have a… Read more »

I ordered flowers from this horrid company…they weren’t delivered as promised, fortunately I contacted my cc company and they refuted the bill!
Do not order, they need to be shut down!

Ordered flowers (by phone) for same day delivery and was assured they would be delivered. I have called and the ‘customer service rep’ (HAH!) won’t listen to me and will only transfer me to a non-existent supervisor where I’m told to leave my contact information and someone will get back to me.
I hate it when I get screwed.

Ordered flowers for next day delivery for funeral, never showed up, never received e-mail confirmation…got run around when attempted to call them tonight (“Your order number doesnt match…thats a different department…No, you cant have the name of the florist, ect”) – 3 calls, 3 different people, hung up on twice.

Thank goodness I use American Express, already called them – they wont jerk me around assured me I wont pay 1 penny.

From now on Ill stick with either 1-800 Flowers (always been great service) or local florist.

I also ordered flowers for a funeral and was sent the “delivery confirmation” – a month later when no word from the family began to seem strange I decided to flat out ask them. Nothing. Nothing was ever delivered. I then tried they problem report form (which does not work – purposely I would guess does not transmit), phoning (no answers after 20 minutes on hold) and numerous email bank and forths where they repeatedly avoid my question of WHAT exact florist they used (so I can call them myself) and what evidence they have of delivery = none. Seems… Read more »

Horrible, horrible, horrible. Didn’t deliver flowers to a funeral for $120, then “made it up” with useless “credits.” The credits are only available on arrangements with the price jacked up $20, plus a $20 service charge, an $8 additional charge, and $4 each for card or vase. So the credits are worth less than no credit at all. They register your number so they won’t talk to you a second time. They have the BBB in their pocket so there is no recourse. Just stay away.

TOTAL RIPOFF!! Never again will I purchase anything from this company. I
also have been given the runaround on trying to cancel my order. The
summary they give you before hitting that SUBMIT button, is so
confusing! I thought I was paying $43.23 with the discount, but ending
up being $93.00!!! But yet it says I’m saving $90.00!!! WTF!! $3.99 for
an enclosure card? I can get a beautiful Hallmark card for less!…$15.33 for sales fee. Sales fee??? Nobody helped me, I did it
all by myself!!! Unless I was getting a bed of roses no small Christmas
flower is worth that much!!


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