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Last Updated On: October 18, 2017

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Business Name: Inc.
Lake Ronkonkoma, New York USA

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Phone Number: 877-399-2882
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Average Rating: 1.11 out of 5
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Reported Losses: $282.86
Average Reported Losses: $28.29

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Florist One STOLE my money!

I ordered a basket from florist one and spent $75, $25 of which was to make sure it was delivered in time to my brother in law. He NEVER got a thing.

I’m a disabled vet living in disability and can’t afford to have lost $75.

My brother in law, who is in active duty Air Force, is in the hospital having surgery to save his life from cancer, in a strange state all by himself with no family to be with him.

I wanted to send him a gift to help cheer him up since we couldn’t be with him.

It’s been over a week and he got absolutely nothing.

I’m so pissed off right now. I want my money back!

I’ve sent them multiple emails with no response.

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My sister in laws funeral was October 16, 2017. I received an email from Florist One saying they could not deliver flowers….that were supposed to be delivered on Saturday, October 14th. I received the email during the funeral yesterday….I agree. Worst company, ever.

This company is nothing more than a orders gather they farm all of the orders out to local florist, with very little lead time incorrect information and want the florist to look at there website. they pay big money to keep the listing at the top of all search engines Please look for a local florist in the town you went to sent to or go to a florist you trust and have them send it out. Im a florist and reject there orders everyday

WORST company ever! Notified me several hours after the scheduled delivery was supposed to happen that they could not make the delivery that day! Hence, my 8 year old didn’t get her birthday balloons. Thanks for sucking!

Please never use an order gatherer.( Call A Local Florist). They pay to be placed first above the actual florists in that town. I Know this because I deal with all of them on a daily basis. We reject their orders because they short us on every order. They promise you the customer the world. They are clueless to actual cost of the order they promise. The Actual florist will fill it to their value, we can’t afford to lose money and still stay in business. The Floral industry has been fighting this for years and will continue to fight.… Read more »

Ordered flowers for my sister’s birthday on 03/14 to be delivered on either Thurs or Fri (their choice) Never happened. Not one, but two different florists couldn’t make it happen and I only found out about it today by email. Will never use them again in this lifetime!

This is a order gathering company they are not a florist .They advertise local florist in towns and don’t even list the real local florist instead use third party and florist get the order at a discounted price .. If you order online they are working with the funeral home and a wire services FTD.and TELEFORA you may spend 100 dollars but by the time the real florist gets the order it’s only 71 precent paid to them. So if there is a florist down the street and they are not a member of the WIRE SERVICES the orders will… Read more »
Florist One accepts an order and immediately charges your credit card BEFORE they confirm if there is a florist in the area. This is a deceptive practice and a major inconvenience for many customers. I ordered flowers due to a death in the family. The order was placed in the morning with a delivery for that afternoon. An email was sent by Florist One at 4:51pm stating: We regret to inform you that the arrangement going to PROSPECT in VA is unable to be delivered. We have no local florists in the area and unfortunately we cannot service your order,… Read more »

Same thing happened to me. Ordered flowers, received a confirmation and at the time flowers were supposed to be delivered, got a call it could not happen. What a crap business this is. Do not waste your time–order locally.

Order directly from a local florist. Online is strictly a call center, nothing more. There is a reason a Florist is professionally trained, they know how to arrange and offer you their knowledge. Florist One is just another overseas call center, taking jobs away from those skilled in the Florist trade.

And the funeral home affiliated gets a commission paid to them’s terrible .they take advantage and ultimately the one who loses is the consumer and real local family run florist ..

Extremely dissatisfied with this company. Ordered flowers for a funeral because we were from out of town. We did attend the funeral and we were very unhappy with the arrangement that cost over $100.00. Did not look anything like the the picture on the website.

I would not recommend this company at all.

I ordered flowers for my niece on Saturday because she just had a baby from Florist One which were delivered that day. By Sunday (the next day) all the roses were already wilted, brown, and limped over. I was mortified when I saw them! It looked like they were 3 weeks old! I contacted them that night asking for just the flowers be replaced (balloons were also included) and they would NOT replace them. I asked for my money back but all they offered me was a 20% off credit. They were almost $80.00! I was so embarrassed to see… Read more »

Ordered flowers on saturday from Florist One for my daughter’s birthday to be delivered on Monday.
I get a call on Monday telling me they do not deliver there on the Monday!! I said then why did you acccpet the order in the first place if you could not deliver as you promised??? Answer was duh! So now my daughter does not have any flowers on her birthday due to sheer incompetence by this company!!
By the way they were very unsympathetic to my call and offered me my money back in 10 days!!
Signed one p…. off dad!!

what is the contact number of floristone?

I agree – Do not order flowers from this company – it was expensive and the arrangement looked horrible. I was very disappointed with the funeral arrangement I ordered. I would have purchased three times the amount for a fraction of the cost.

Ordered a funeral arrangement and after not getting a thank note from the family, I asked them if they had gotten the flowers. THEY HAD NOT. I’ve been trying to get a refund from Florist One for nearly a month and all they say is "they were delivered" although the family and the funeral home agree they were not. This company HAS POOR/NO CUSTOMER SERVICE. I wouldn’t buy flowers from them if my life depended on it. I was trying to offer some solace and compassion to a grief stricken family and al I got was a BILL.

Placed an order for flower arrangement for a funeral. Received a call but no voicemail. Later received an email stating a substitute was needed but because I hadn’t called back it was too late to deliver. Called the company and was told the florist had closed – it was 2:30 in the afternoon on a weekday!! I called a local florist and placed my order.

Will not use this company again.

Dissatisfied. Ordered an arrangement for a friend in the hospital. They claimed it was delivered but it was not. Have to cancel my credit card payment to get satisfactory reimbursement. Spent $70.00 for nothing.

I completely agree with the dissatisfied customer above!! DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY!!! THIS COMPANY IS TERRIBLE AND I MEAN TERRIBLE!! I was so embarrassed to see what was delivered to the funeral. They took advantage of me during a time of grief. It is unbelievable that someone would do this. I called the company to complain and all they wanted to give me was a $10 credit. Really….$10… when I spent almost $100! It was a slap in the face on top of giving me ugly flowers. They/I had only one time to make an impression and… Read more »

Don’t waste valuable time ordering – they use outside florists with no responsibility to fulfill properly or deliver timely. No apologies – no remedies but to refund and send you packing.


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