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Did your Valentine’s Day dreams fall apart because of a florist website?  Maybe Mother’s Day left something to be desired after an online floral site didn’t hold up its end of the bargain.  Or, even worse, did your wedding look like a hodgepodge collection of various garden items all because a flower website failed to deliver what was promised?

As Internet businesses continue to boom, new flower / florist websites are popping up every day.  Trying to discern between which ones are good and which are bad can be difficult to do.  And, even amongst the big ones, not all of them are good, reputable sites.  If you learned this the hard way, then please consider filing a complaint on so that others don’t have to go through the same experience.

Dry/Dead Flowers

Of course, every site is going to guarantee their flowers to be fresh on arrival.  This is practically an industry standard.  However, some flower websites obviously don’t have any kind of quality control checkpoints.  If you received flowers from a floral website that were dead or on their way out, you should file a complaint on  After all, many people are ordering flowers for important occasions that they don’t want to go wrong.  Filing a complaint may be the only way to warn them away from a bad business!

Bad Pricing

Did you buy under pressure, only to learn later that you overpaid by a lot?  If so, make sure others know that the prices on the flower website you did business with are unfair.  If you don’t buy flowers often, you might not know what a fair price is.  Don’t let others become victims to unfair pricing.  Let them know about your experiences!

No matter what your complaints may be with florist websites, filing on Complaints List is a great way to let others know.  Filing is the responsible thing to do because it helps insure that others stay safe from disreputable businesses!

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