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Last Updated On: December 27, 2017

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Jozefow, Masovian Voivodeship 05-410 Poland

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Phone Number: 482-789-6251
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Reported Losses: $185.00
Average Reported Losses: $185.00

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I ordered a custom made Vw stereo amp wiring harness from on Feb 4th 2012 They kept telling me it would take a little while to ship the item because it had to be custom made. I paid $185.03 with a bank transfer through Paypal, I tried to contact the company after 45 days and they would no longer answer my phone calls or emails so I contacted my bank and the bank denied my claim saying it was because I used Paypal when I finally contacted paypal for a claim it was denied because it was 47 days and paypal has a 45 day claim limit.

I have been in contact with several times since through emails and have been promised a refund several times but they never refund and they want me to send them my bank account information but I have been told by the bank and paypal not to do that because I paid through paypal I should get my refund through paypal too.

So now the end of Aug 2012 and never refunded for a order placed in Feb 2012 that was never shipped and the company that stole from me just torments me with broken promises of a refund and they are fishing for my bank information. stole $185.03 from me and all I can do is spread the word so it hopefully doesn’t happen to you don’t deal with them.


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VNS media refunded my money after a published complaint on this site! But it took some time and a lot of complaining. I can’t recommend this company.

i am a tenant at one of voa’s properties called the ballington residence and i am appalled by the way the management handles the u s mail. it is not delivered at a reasonable time and sometimes not delivered at all.
is it so much to ask that the management deliver my mail on the day it is received isn’t there a law or something?


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