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Last Updated On: October 2, 2017

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994 Glendale Ave
Sparks, Nevada USA

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Company Contact: Dave Kruch - Admin
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Average Rating: 1.05 out of 5
Based On: 22 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 6

Damage Reports

Reported Losses: $3,356.00
Average Reported Losses: $152.55

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RIP OFF. $15 instead of $120

Nervous about being responsible for selling a phone on Ebay, i decided to sell to a cash for phone company. BIG mistake. My phone had been water damaged and would not turn on, but even in this condition, the retail value shown on their website for a phone like mine was about $120. I received the box fairly quickly then didn’t hear anything for weeks after it was shipped.

Now I just got an email saying they will process the $15 to my paypal. There’s nothing I can do apparently because of the fine print in the terms and conditions (I didn’t see this when I was reading it).

This company needs to be reported to the better business bureau! I was going to use this money to help alleviate the costs of having to purchase a new one.


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What a ripoff. Stay clear. Took my phone and switched prices from over $100 and offered me $12. I asked for it back and they lied!!! Stay Clear!!! Should be in jail!

I have no words what I had been gone through by the management of ecycle best. I sold my iPhone 6 to this company but i never knew how much this company will insult me regarding the payment. I was told to wait for 2 weeks, Initially, then they were not receiving my calls for whole one week and finally after one week, they picked my call unintentionally or by mistake and I yelled at them. After that , they promised me to send me check in one week. Again I waited for one week.Then again I called them.they confirmed… Read more »
My father told me one day to sell out the obsolete electronic gadgets and we searched out and found this website ecycle-best. My father was impressed with the details mentioned on the site and very easy procedure to follow but we had no idea they will linger on our payments. We sold three laptops (HP, Dell & Sony) to ecycle best by sending these items in three boxes with free shipment. We told the ecycle best customer services to pay us through paypal and not by check. They waited us 4 weeks for the payments and finally after hectic procedure… Read more »
i am going to start a class action lawsuit against this company if anyone is interested in being apart of it please feel free to email me i have same story as most of you except my phone had a cracked screen. they offered me $88 and then got my device and only offered me $9. I tried to cancel but was bullshitted by so-called customer service and high call volumes and not able to cancel within the 3days you have to do so. everyone i spoke to was condescending and rude and most either hung up on me… Read more »
sold my samsung galaxy note 2 to them was quoted $153 they send me an email saying that they owed me $24.00 I told them that was an unacceptable offer and I declined they said I would have to talk to purchasing about thatand of course I get the message after setting on hold for 10 minute we are experiencing high call volume and it ends my call I call back they tell me they are experiencing high call volume because of the holidays and people trying to get extra money they are definitely a scam I’m surprised that no… Read more »

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