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There are lots of places to shop online and buying electronics online is a great way to find deals. You may even find something online that may not be available yet at your local electronic store. But like any shopping done online you should remain cautious.

If you are buying from an electric store online you want to make sure that it is a legitimate business. You don’t want to order a computer or television online and buy several hundreds of dollars to find out that the store was fraudulent. And if it is a real online electronic store you’ll probably want to read their customer reviews.

You’ll want to know if anyone has experienced any products shipped to them that have come damaged or didn’t work. You don’t want to order a HD TV only to find that the speakers on the TV don’t work. And if you need to make a return or exchange you want to make sure that the online electronic store has a return or exchange policy. You’ll probably have to pay for shipping and probably won’t be reimbursed but at least you can get a product that works.

Have you ordered from an online electronic store showing an item was in stock and after you ordered and saw from the expected shipping date that the item was backordered? Was your purchase on back order for so long that eventually you cancelled it or you received an email telling you your purchase was being refunded because the store couldn’t complete your order?

Have you ordered something and the product wasn’t securely packed before it was shipped? Did the product arrive safely and without problem but you felt you should warn others that the store doesn’t put a lot of money into packaging their materials? Or did your product arrive damaged or scratched in anyway? When you called their customer service were they helpful?

When purchasing something online did you feel your information was secure? Did you buy something from an online electronic store and shortly afterward someone had stolen your personal information and tried charging stuff to your account? When you called customer service to dispute billing charges were they willing to listen and discuss any questionable charges made to your account?

Did you ever receive a product that was different from the one you ordered? Did you think you were ordering a new Gateway laptop but instead you ordered an older model because the pictures or information on the website was misleading or not updated?

Did the description of what you were buying clearly match the product you received or were the descriptions and ratings of the products on the site misleading? Does the online electronic store ever have sales or discounts or do they charge top dollar for every item on their site? Have they promised any form of reimbursement or deal that the site never followed through on?

If you have an online electronic store complaint then please share it with us at ComplaintsList.com. You can help other shoppers avoid bad electronic sites and warn them of the problems you’ve experienced in the past.

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