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Commerce is the buying and selling of products, particularly on a large-scale basis, so when you look at e-commerce it is nothing more than shopping online. You buy what someone else is selling and vice versa. Just like buying in a store you may take advantages or certain sales or promotions. Sometimes, when you buy from a store you may have something delivered to your home. But more commonly, when you buy from a store you take the item home with you after the purchase is completed.

There are a number of complaints that have surrounded e-commerce, the first primarily being shopper’s safety. Shopping online and the necessary personal information required have opened many doors for online fraudulent activity. Another concern is falling into a scam. No one wants to buy something online only to find that the business or service was completely fabricated and there is no chance for financial recovery. Scams may be easy or difficult to find and if you run across something online you suspect is a scam it’s often better to be cautions then blindly optimistic. You can even search for scams others have reported to see if it’s a known scam to others.

To avoid putting your personal information on a site that is a potential scam or fraud, there are a number of services that people may opt for so that they are not putting credit card numbers on different numbers of sites. One such service is PayPal. For sites that permit PayPal, you can use your PayPal account to make payments so you feel more secure knowing that your credit information won’t be stolen.

Of course, this doesn’t make things absolutely steal proof. There is always a risk of information being stolen or hacked into. If you use PayPal you may have experienced other problems with the service such as payments being taken out too early or not taken out at all. You may have encountered problems with customer services representatives or may be frustrated that not every site accepts PayPal as a form of payment.

Aside from online scams and fraud, e-commerce may lead to other problems for shoppers including buying misleading products. You may purchase a product but receive another product substituted for the one you had paid for. The substitute may or may not have the same value as the product you originally intended to purchase. You may find that a product guaranteed to ship within a week turns out to be backordered; something you expected to receive in a week is delayed by a month. The delay may be so long that you may opt to cancel the internet order to only go into a physical store to buy the same product.

The convenience of shopping online may be mitigated by the wait or problems you experience when shopping online. Product reviews can be helpful or misleading as well. If you go to buy from an online store you may be mislead about a product if the company edits the customers’ reviews. Honesty may be hard to find online as sellers can hide behind the curtain of ambiguity that the internet provides. And if you have been slighted by an online store or seller getting compensation may be difficult.

If you have a complaint about e-commerce then please share your complaint with us here at ComplaintsList.com. We want to know what has occurred with your own e-commerce experience and what you feel others should know in order to avoid problems with their own online shopping experience.

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