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Last Updated On: June 19, 2017

Contact Information

Business Name: DrVita, Inc.
Corporate Address:
6980 W. Warm Spring Rd #100
Las Vegas, Nevada 89113 USA

Customer Service

Phone Number: 800-211-4188
Corp Email: contact@drvita.com
Company Contact: Wayne Gorsek - CEO/Owner
Corp Website:


Average Rating: 1.46 out of 5
Based On: 17 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 45

Damage Reports

Reported Losses: $163.00
Average Reported Losses: $9.59

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Faulty Computer System

I just tried to order from DrVita.com. Their system would not allow me to order saying the address I typed did not match my credit card billing address. I tried 2 different cards. Nothing would work. So I called them on the phone.

The customer service agent was not polite at all. She said they had updated their system, and it was very secure, so I had to type my address exactly as it was written on my bank statement. We tried this over the phone, and the system would still not allow me to place an order using my card, which was active, working at multiple other stores, etc. She offered no advice for how to help me, so I will not be ordering from this company and can’t understand why someone else would either.

If your system isn’t working properly, you fix it. You don’t lose business by telling customers there is nothing you can do. Very disappointed.

Official Responses from Dr Vita

By: Garrett Miller On: May 20, 2013

DrVita has shipped tens of thousands of orders to VERY satisfied customers. We have a perfect 10.00 score on www.resellerratings.com and have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. DrVita does not collect any payment until the order ships out and we offer a 30 day 100% satisfaction guarantee. We have a number of notifications throughout our product pages and checkout process for shipping and stock availability. DrVita cannot control a manufacturer’s product cycle or a product’s release date and unfortunately sometimes products are late and are not available for purchase or shipping. We strongly believe in our Customer Service and would love to respond to the complaints listed here, but cannot due to the lack of customer names, order numbers, or other important information. DrVita can be contacted in two ways. By email at service@drvita.com or by voice at 1-800-211-4188 Sun-Sat 7am-7pm PST. All of our representatives are local and in house. We also have a very quick response time.

Feel free to see for yourself.

Garrett Miller
Director of Customer Service

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WARNING: Wayne Gorsek threatened to sue us if we didn't remove complaints about his company.

DrVita.com - Alternate/Additional Business Names: MotherNature.com | MyVitaNet.com | Additional Contact Information: Garrett Miller - Director of Customer Service


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Yeah this Wayne guy is a snake oil salesman. He trashes ppl on Yelp while he rips ppl off and has a 1.5 star rating. Get a life loser. Nobody cares about you posting pictures of yourself on a plane or next to a car. Must be trying to compensate for all of your physical short comings.

I am currently on my 4th order with Dr. Vita six-daily advanced multi vitamins. I find their service to be very expeditious and courteous. My vitamins always come in quickly and nicely packaged. I once placed an order twice by mistake. I called them the problem was fixed within less than five minutes. I receommend thier product to everyone who is willing to listen.

Overall I would give them a solid B+. The only thing is the shipping is slow but hey it way under half price so take your time!

I will admit the shipping is slow BUT they beat the completion price of around 5.00 to their 1.68…that is a big difference for what I am buying…so gives a rats but if it takes 2 weeks to deliver.

Looks like the site is back up! we can start ordering again!

Web site doesn’t work anymore. Back to Vitacost and Lucky Vitamin I guess

Company would not stand behind a bad product that was shipped – they basically said, ‘have a good day’. We know what that means.
This is either a very bad employee or it is a company policy – either way, I will never order from DrVita again.

I have ordered many times from Dr. Vita and have always been completely satisfied. Prices are half what I pay at the health food store and of excellent quality. My orders have always arrived on time, well-packaged and correct!
Can’t think of a single negative thing to say about this company. Thank, Dr. Vita!

What about the dates of the products? The ones i ordered are close to expiration……..

That is very good information, wish he would be more successful at work



I get everything in a timely manner from DrVita….NO complaints whatsoever and I think they have the best prices and quality around.

I have only had good experiences with dr. vita products and delivery. I am so impressed with the products, packaging and free shipping. It’s so hard to believe that this company will last. But Zappos has free delivery also. The prices are less than the store as well.

I have had similar, great service from DrVita. In fact, we are no longer buying any supplements from Whole Foods or Earth Fare due to the far better prices and selection through DrVita. I suppose issues occur when you are moving as much product as these guys must be moving, but I patronize DrVita with pleasure and confidence. If you are buying supplements, you’d be crazy not to shop DrVita on your next order.

I have placed three orders so far… amazing deals! Especially on products which Whole Foods charges twice as much. Plus, with no tax or shipping fees to pay… it’s like I’m making money over here by saving on gas, taxes and time.
No complaints whatsoever. Eveything arried on time and in good condition.

I placed an order from this company jan 14. It is now March 10 and I still do not have the products. When a product is needed for ones health and it does not arrive in a timely manner, the customer is the one to suffer. No other natural supplement site I’ve ordered from has has this bad a problems. They send a notice the product has shipped and then give no tracking number as well as an incorrect order number. I will never order from this company again.

Realize ecommerce is not simply walking into a store and picking what you want. E-vendors often have to receive products from the manufacturers whose products they sell and they cant control how quickly those manufacturers send the products EVERY TIME. They also have little control over the shippers they use to deliver the package. These things can affect delivery time at no fault of the vendor. Its up to the customer to stay educated about what the process involves.

That is a true statement but it is the responsibility of the company to inform it’s customers, note it on their order site and/or give the customer an opportunity to either cancel item or exchange it for another.

Ordered 2 items late January and 3/4 through Feb still don’t have them. Apparently 1 item was on back-order, supposed to ship within 10 business days. Did not happen. I asked (3 weeks after ordering) if they could ship my other item to me at a faster rate since I had been waiting so long. They declined to ship it faster and said they could only mail it the original UPS GROUND. I canceled the whole order. Bad choice on their part to not remedy the situation. 3 weeks into waiting and then to ship the one item they did… Read more »

Great company got my products in record time. Somehow a bottle of one of my products leaked and when I called since the bottles did not seem to be sealed the way they thought they should be. They immediately credited my account for full amount of everything. They seemed honest and caring. I will definitely do business with them again.

mike 10 days ago
ordered my product 10 days ago and still nothing. I guess I lost my money.
Prices are good but chances are that you will never recieve your product.

I placed an order with this company and received it very quickly. I will order again. Prices are great! Some people can’t be satisfied and love to complain.

I placed a sizable order with Dr. Vita on Sunday 2/10 and have my order sitting in my house in full 2/13 and I am in fact drinking a protein shake from the Twin Lab products I ordered. So far so good with me. I give Dr. Vita a big thumbs up for price and fast delivery.

I had no problems with my order. It arrived in a timely fashion. Same product as ordered from other sources, but at half the price. I don’t work for the company. I will be ordering from them again.

I ordered from Dr.vita and they shipped my vitamins the same day I ordered. They are awesome and my only regret is that I only ordered 1 bottle. Thanks again Dr.vita
and I will be reordering soon:)
Tom O.

My order arrived faster than expected. Was a name brand at much less than I have been paying elsewhere. I will order from them again.

I placed the order and got it on time with everything I paid for, good expiration date. Price was the best I could find. I send e-mail to costumer serv. (after reading reviews) and got respond after 2 days (could be faster but… okey )

do not order from them!! a scam!! stick with vitacost


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