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We live in a wonderful world of modern medicine where many of our diseases and health problems can be treated quickly and efficiently. And with every passing year there are new medications or safer drugs that may be even more effective than their predecessors.

Buying drugs and medication online can be convenient, especially if the medication is delivered on a monthly basis, eliminating your need to drive to the pharmacy especially if you have a mobility problem. However, there may be drugs sold online that are not considered illegal but may still not be approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

A danger of buying drugs online is whether or not the drug you are purchasing is legitimate. If you are buying what you believe to be a drug made from natural herbs to help with arthritis you have no way of knowing if the product you purchase is legitimate or not unless you test it yourself. And the claims made by the website have no way of being refuted. The drugs may be nothing more than a giant placebo. There is no guarantee that the medication isn’t counterfeit or contaminated.

If you are purchasing prescription drugs from a legitimate drug website then you are hopefully not overpaying for shipping. Your medication will hopefully arrive in a timely manner and be un-tampered with. If your medication has any form of street value you may not be able to get your medication online and you may become angered by your inability to have your prescription filled and delivered by an online website.

If you have an online drug or medication website complaint then please share it with us here at ComplantsList.com. You’ll be able to help protect others by sharing your story and complaints with us and warn others about which websites should be avoided and which products are unsafe.

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