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Last Updated On: January 16, 2017

Shoppers Advantage Contact Information

Business Name: Trilegiant Corporation
Corporate Address:
6 High Ridge Park
Stamford, Connecticut USA

Shoppers Advantage Customer Service

Shoppers Advantage Phone Number: 800-631-8141
Corp Email:
Corp Website:

Shoppers Advantage Ratings

Average Rating: 1.17 out of 5
Based On: 8 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 4

Shoppers Advantage Reports

Reported Losses: $916.99
Average Reported Losses: $114.62

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Scam - Paid almost $375 for nothing.

I just figured out I have paid almost $375 for nothing. I have done through these sons of b*****s.

they actually send you some useless coupons for the least desirable junk products and then they disappear. and if you are paying it off of a less used account and new to this system, you would definitely forget about cancelling it. as they lay low to avoid reminding you how much you are paying.

if you call them after a while they will offer you to keep the deal for $9.99 a month instead of $16.99. so if this or any offer like this came to you. ignore it. never fall for a too good to be true scam!

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Shopper’s Advantage took me for $118. I cancelled this Scam Operation immediately but neglected to follow up and check my account for which they continued debiting $16.99 for six months. Thankfully my precious wife noticed the reoccurring charges. They did refund me three months.

I was billed by Shoppers for 4 Mo. First, I didn’t pay any attention.i was thinking the bill is from TGMax., but when i saw the $16,99 charge every day i called them. I had no idea who they are. I never subscribe. I don’t know how they get me. I saw many complains about this fraudulent Co, who are stealing money from hard working people. I would like to know, what we can do and sue them in a CLASS ACTION, otherwise we will newer get our money back.It is anybody who knows a good Attorney, to open this… Read more »

If you want to get all your money back just say that if its not refunded you will be taking legal action or contacting attorney general or report to better business b. they will refund all your money ask since when u were being billed and rqst for all of it to be refunded. so you wont get pitches say it at begining of call.

my bank has alerted me to unusual charges to my debit card.thank goodness they are protecting me. trilegiant shoppers advantage money budget savers top tv stuff all suck. i did make the mistake of ordering 1 product which is paid for and on the way–my fault they have soured me on all net business. shame on them!!!


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