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Last Updated On: March 7, 2017

Contact Information

Business Name: Safi Services, LLC
Corporate Address:
10655 SW Murdock Street E4
Tigard, Oregon 97224 USA

Customer Service

Phone Number: 503-380-3306
Company Contact: Anne Mwendia-Brown - Owner
Corp Website:


Average Rating: 1.00 out of 5
Based On: 12 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 32

Damage Reports

Reported Losses: $882.99
Average Reported Losses: $73.58

Most Recent Complaint

Is Price Angels a Scam, Rip Off, or Fraud? WARN OTHER CONSUMERS By Sharing

Dont Ever Order From This China Based Thief

Thief Website:

1. Have emailed 3 times received no response as to where my product is, even though they charged me for it immediately!

2. Their Live Chat does NOT work.

3. No contact phone number?

4. Their tracking shipment link does NOT work

5. Zero Customer service

Could not find out when my order should be delivered. Tracking link doesn’t work.
I believe this China based website is a fraud.

Looking at reviews of this company it is apparent I am not the only one who they have stolen from.

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Placed my order by email in English. Order comfirmed. Received a totally different make and model. I emailed them to check if the product was still available and it was’
I then emailed explain the situation and asking how I went about getting a replacement, but suddenly they don’t seem to understand English.
D**n shame they are out of arms length.

Saunron do you have that email/phone number?

sorry just a bunch of crooks don’t deal with


Do you have price angels email / phone number?

After arrival of my new smartphone I noticed there was no second battery in the package as was stated in the advert.
Price Angel Service Center (email) reverted me to RMA (message box). RMA sends me back to Service.
Most hilarious is that RMA asked me to send them a video of the missing battery……………

Seigh……….. that’s gonna be a Pay Pal claim!

I became an affiliate and drop-ship with priceangels, ordered from them, then purchased products from here, paid extra for faster shipping and got nothing.


As an affiliate, what contact information did they give you?

I placed an order for E-cigs totalling $60.77 on June 21, 2013 and to this date I have not received my order. When I began "tracking" my order it stated it had been received in Hong Kong. Today when I tried tracking it cannot find my order. I tried to contact PriceAngels through live chat and received this back: Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently!!! This is definitely a scam. . . I will never order from this place again and if you read this comment PLEASE believe me it is a scam and you will not receive your… Read more »
I ordered a tablet for my daughter’s birthday in December and the tablet worked for two weeks. they make it impossible to contact customer service and i just finally got a response two weeks ago and they are saying i need to ship it back to china and pay for shipping again to USA. that will cost me $180 when the tablet was $180, so the total would be $360. these people are insane and they do not know anything about customer service! I WILL NEVER BUY ANTHING AGAIN FROM PRICE ANGELS, NO ONE SHOULD!! THEY RIP YOU OFF!!
Found that owners manual was in Chinese so I wrote for an English version and started to charge my tablet. After 5 hours it still showed 0% charged so I figured I would try another outlet but when I took the power pack plug out of adapter one of the prongs was never soldered to the wire and the prong/ plus post stayed in the outlet. I wrote them and they first told me to charge it for 6 hours & reset even though I sent the pictures of the problem. Then the replied about being so sorry & wanted… Read more »
Only problem was they closed the RMA so I could not enter a new one or add to old one on the same tablet. It took until Nov. to get any satisfaction. I sent it back Nov. 9 and finally on Jan. 9 2013 they had me send it back for a refund. That was a joke because they do not do refunds just store vouchers and for less than you spent. I felt since they sent defective merchandise they needed to refund even the express shipping I paid. I received a voucher to purchase a new tablet in March/April… Read more »
Buyers Beware! I purchased a tablet last May/ June to wait a month & received a tablet with a cracked screen so they said to send it back to be fixed, It took till July/ August to get it back only to have it a few weeks and only used it less than a week due to it having problems starting right away, Last straw was vertical lines and then it would freeze and not let me even shut it down so I contacted them many times to get a RMA # which they kept telling me to add it… Read more »

they stole for me $ 870.00

I bought two electronic e-cig batteries took three weeks and when they arrived, NO GOOD, I should have known China Crap. there is no quality Control in China. they make **** products and dont test them to see if they work a total wast they should go out of business. DONT BUY MADE IN CHINA


I ordered a 9" Tablet on Nov. 26, 2012. I did not realize that this was not the right time to order as it was the holiday season. Of course the shipping date and the projected receiving date were way off. When I Emailed them about 12 times I did receive the same massage. Which was me order had been shipped and was on the way They said sometimes the US Customs will hod up a shipment for inspection. After waiting 8 weeks it finally arrived, but without an instruction manual. So I Emailed them and it was sent via… Read more »
I lost 16.00 which is nothing compared to some of these sad stories. I canceled my order! And didn’t get a confirmation email from them ! so I had to go on their website to my order/account and !! They offered me points towards another purchase I said no I want my money! They left me another message on their website! Saying! That it would take 1-2 months for it to be credited to my account! I left them a message! Telling them that it did not take a month or two for them to rip me off! I tried… Read more »

i ordered 3 tablets on dec 14th 2012 nad as of yet to get them. same story as the rest. mail delays and tracking numbers that don’t work. no emails back from them when i ask questions
i am going to contact pay pal if not here this week. hope they had a good xmas. my family didn’t

I just opened a case with Paypal. Same story but they are responding to the claim and asking me to wait longer and blaming the post office and the holidays. As if this was the first time I ever got something shipped from China around Christmas. I escalated this to a claim and hope PayPal no longer works with them. I just hope I get my money back so I can actually buy something else for my brother who is still waiting for hi Christmas present :(

I ordered a tablet on 12/25/12 it was shipped on 12/27/12
Via tracking number it was shipped and signed for in CHINA
And none of the means to get in touch with company works
Numerous E Mails and no response
This is not a reputable company

I purchased a tablet from them on 11/23. I received it with a cracked screen on 12/31. None of the ways to contact them on their site will work. I can’t actually login to the account. I contacted them through facebook and am now waiting for a response. In the confirmation email they sent me, it seems strange that the links to buy more items work but none of the contact links do.

I ordered on Nov 22 & as 1-1-13 I still have not received my items. It states was shipped out but in Peoples china republic. After numerous emails & several lies still no items. Thank god I paid with paypal I filed a dispute with them on Dec 8 & then I talked to a live agent on Friday 12-28-12 & they refunded me my money right then. And now priceangels keep email asking me to repay them. I laughed why would I repay for something I do not have.

I made an order on Nov 24 and still haven’t received my tablet Jan 1. They got my money 2 hrs later! Now Usps tracking says it’s being processed/ready to ship. Good thing I wasn’t expecting this for Xmas. This will definitely be the last time I order anything from Priceangels.

I’m in the same boat all- I placed two orders, one was shipped 12/14, the other 12/20. Both say the "Origin Post is preparing shipment" when I track them, and haven’t moved from China yet. Did any of you notice you could not actually create an account when you tried, but rather had to make a "one time purchase"? That makes me wonder- are any of the reviews legit? Does anybody REALLY have an account? Hmmmmm…. Let me know what you all experienced in that regard, I smell a serious scam here!

I too had a similar problem. I was able to make a price angels and a paypal account but was only able to pay one time. I looked the next day and it had double my order on two dif invoices.I ordered 6 items. There were now two invoices for the same items. One paid one wairing to pay. I look on my bank acct and i was charged FIVE TIMES WITH ANOTHER 3 PENDING!!!!! Stopped payment and emailed. I have received emails back from them when questioning things butbhave yet to receive one regarding thisnmatter. Guess i shouldve noticed… Read more »

I ordered a tablet on Dec 10th. Their website promised deliver by Dec. 17th. Live chat was not available. I sent emails and all I get is a stall (mail is busy, please wait a few more days). Liars. Thieves.

I placed an order on Dec. 7th. It stated on the website it would ship out in 48 hrs. Got an email on the 13th stating it had shipped. It also said I wld receive it in 7 – 15 business days, when I placed the order. I have tried to contact them live chat twice. Still no response! This is a gift for my children from my mom. She is freaking out cause our family Christmas is today and now we have no gifts. I am just hoping at this point we receive them at all.

I order three tablets on December 2, 2012 and still haven’t receive my order. I just hope I get my order soon. I trace my order and it still saying its still in China since December 10th.

I purchased tablets 26 of Nov and still have.not received my items either what diid u buy.Nino. and.where were u


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