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We all love a bargain, especially in these chaotic economic times. Even those with money to burn are looking for a way to get what they want on the cheap. Stores and manufacturers are also in a tight spot because they’re making lots of products that don’t end up selling. Often times, they are forced to sell these products for much less than they originally intended.

Enter the world of online discount stores. Sites like Overstock, Smart Bargains and Price Grabber all offer discounted merchandise that other retailers are selling at full-price. They are able to do this because they buy in bulk and off-season. They also buy last year’s styles and items that haven’t moved for a variety of reasons.

Sounds like a great idea. But like any online store, there are the usual things that can go wrong. Shipping conflicts for example. Has this happened to you: your card was charged, and weeks go by, but you still haven’t received your items? This type of thing cannot be allowed to go on. We are your voice, and we want to help put an end to disreputable online dealers.

Also common with discount stores are quality issues. For example, the handle falls off of a leather bag you purchased after only a month of use. The dinnerware you bought chips so easily that you’re afraid to use it at all. The sweater that was advertised as “non-shrinking” is now small enough for your toddler to wear after just one washing. You feel these items are a total waste of money and want to return them. So you contact customer service and they tell you that return policy is only 14 days. It looks like you’re stuck with it. This can be extremely frustrating, and it’s time we stopped letting stores get away with it. Post your complaint today!

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